Every Girl Needs to Know This 2-Step Shopping Rule

Shopping fast fashion can sometimes be tricky. From avoiding this celebrity stylist's number one no-go to risking what an item will look like once you actually order it, we've all been there, slightly (okay, majorly) disappointed when a dress or a pair of shoes look completely different than they did online. As the skilled shoppers we are, we've found a way to avoid ever having another fast-fashion purchase let us down. 

Lucky for us all, it's super easy and only requires two simple steps. Without giving it away, we'll let you read on to find out. So the next time you shop at Zara, H&M, or whatever your go-to budget-friendly brand may be, remember these two tips. 

Scroll down for the two-step shopping rule every girl should know.

The first step is to pay attention to detail when shopping from affordable brands. Read the material description, use the zoom tool to get a better look at the fabric, and if the site allows, see how the item looks in motion. Another detail that makes a major difference is opting for suede over faux leather (particularly in shoes) and to stick to subtle colors over bright, eye-catching options (which can quickly look a tad cheesy). 

Step two requires a bit of investigation by taking the time to read the customer reviews. Online feedback sometimes comes in the form of brutal honesty, and in this certain shopping experience you can use this to your advantage. Scroll through the comments and see what the previous purchasers have to say about a product before you click through to your shopping cart. 

Ready to test your skills and shop our favorite fast-fashion items? Score our top picks below! 

All this neutral look needs is a cool leather jacket. 

Gigi Hadid would love this sheer bomber. 

This floral dress is such a statement piece. 

The skirt + the oversize sweater = fall perfection. 

Style this frayed-edge jacket with your favorite cropped jeans. 

This textured shirt will elevate any casual look. 

Opening Image: Style du Monde

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