From "Up Next" Handbags to Unexpected Lenses, These 6 It Items Were Everywhere at NYFW

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After a week in the electrifying chaos that is NYFW, let me tell you my shopping cart is most definitely full. From the front rows to the busy streets outside of glamorous venues, it seemed like everyone in New York had the most amazing sense of style. Among all of the cool things that I saw, there were certain It items and trends nearly everywhere I turned.

Although the runway is where trends are born, they’re cemented by the street style stars. This season, a few things that we've been buzzing about finally took center stage. Below, discover the six It items we saw emerge as the unsung heroes.

Loewe Bags

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Quiet luxury bags are still winning out over flashy logos, and Loewe is a pioneer in the space. Its bags that say Loewe without actually saying Loewe at all were scattered among the crowds outside of the show venues, and I felt highly influenced.


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What makes any top or blazer you already own feel brand new? I'd say an abstract brooch would definitely do the trick. While I was growing up, this jewelry item felt like something I'd only ever find in my grandmother's chest of drawers, but things have changed.

Quiet Luxury Staples

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Wardrobe staples are currently hitting their peak among the fashion crowd's elite. While some of us used to reach for the trend of the season, we're dressing it down with classic staples. Somehow, a classic white T-shirt has become an It buy.

Gucci Jackie Bag

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I purchased this bag four years ago, and it was an incredible decision because clearly it's not going anywhere. It's certainly earned It-bag status and was seen out and about during New York Fashion Week often.

Optical Lenses

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While I used to fear being caught wearing my optical lenses, I'm now considering embracing what I once wore in my middle school years. This has quickly become the trend of the moment and an easy way to make any look feel next-level.

Colored Tights

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If you're looking for a new trend to try for under $20, colored tights is the best answer I can give you. While red was the first stocking to be worn by the fashion crowd, now we're seeing white, pink, and sometimes even blue. Winter is here, and who says it has to be boring?

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