L.A. and Italian Girls Agree: This New Shoe Collab Is *It*

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What do you get when you combine the coolest L.A. designer with the chicest Italian brand? The new Miaou x Giaborghini shoe collaboration, of course. The two female-run labels have teamed up on a collection of three styles: the June Mules ($440), which come in three colors; the Reno Heels ($430), available in two colors; and the black Charleston Boots ($710). To get the scoop on the new launch, I went straight to the source and interviewed Alexia Elkaim of Miaou and Barbara Borghini of Giaborghini.

Since the designers are based 6000 miles apart, I asked them how the new shoes will appeal to women in both of their home cities: L.A. and Florence. "Because they are sexy," Elkaim told Who What Wear. "Every girl needs a sexy shoe no matter where they are from." Borghini agreed that the shoes have universal appeal, telling me that they're designed for anyone who wants to feel "cool and unapologetic." On the same topic, I also asked the designers about their opinions on the differences between L.A. and Italian style. "Overall, I find L.A. style to be laid-back, whereas I find Italian style to be more wardrobed," Elkaim told me. "When done right, they can both feel effortless in a very different way. But Italians do it better!"

"It is impossible to achieve goals all alone," Borghini replied when I asked why she decided to collaborate with Miaou. "You need to build a community in order to spread the word, so if a brand or a person has the same values, I am happy to explore a collaboration." For Elkaim, the partnership was a no-brainer. "Giaborghini, to me, has great Italian craftsmanship and quality that I knew we could trust," she said. "Quality is an integral part of this process, especially for our first shoe collaboration. I also feel like the Gia girl is the big sister of the Miaou girl. A great synergy." Who could argue with that? Scroll down to shop the new shoes before they sell out.

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