I'm a Fashion Editor Turning 34, and These Are 3 Things I'm Outgrowing

aemilia madden in a blue dress

(Image credit: @aemiliafay)

When I look back at the outfits I wore in my 20s, there are certain looks that make me wince a little bit now that I'm a bit surer with my personal style in my 30s. Fashion changes, and while I once may have thought bubble hems were a good idea, I surely don't anymore. But a little cringe isn't a bad thing. Mostly, I look back and see someone who was experimenting and pushing boundaries, discovering her sense of style by trial and error. Maybe it didn't always work, but I'm still glad I gave myself room to test new things out.

That process has led me to where I am in my 30s—more confident in my personal style but also more thoughtful about the purchases I make. Comfort is important, as is longevity. My personal goal is that any new purchase will stick around for at least a few years. That means I'm more inclined to splurge here and there since I know the cost per wear checks out the more I find ways to wear it. 

While I feel a bit more settled into what works for me, I also know that I'll continue to evolve. A fresh runway will excite me, an inspiring new brand will emerge, and my body will change as well. Clothing doesn't exist in a vacuum. It's always in conversation with the context around it, including how I feel on any given day. That being said, I'm sharing a few of the ways I've evolved of late and offering up shopping based on how I approach my personal style. Whatever age you may be at the moment, my hope is that it may resonate with your thoughts about shopping too.  

Outgrowing: Overly Trendy Purchases

Sometimes, it takes making the same mistake a few times over to finally figure things out. There was a time when my closet was full of trendy pieces that didn't end up getting worn as often as I'd imagined. Now, I'm more inclined to consider if a trend speaks to my personal style before I jump into it.

Outgrowing: Anything Hard to Wear

Instead: Comfort First

Now that I work from home, I've gotten used to spending my work days in sneakers and sweats. When it's time for me to dress up, I prioritize polished pieces that are still comfortable. No fidgeting with a tight waistband or walking with blisters.

Outgrowing: Impulse Purchases

Instead: Buying With Purpose

Shopping online makes it easy to click a few buttons, and poof! A few days later, new purchases arrive at my door. Now, I'm trying not to be wooed by the ease of the internet and to make sure anything I'm buying is a piece I want to keep long-term.

Aemilia Madden