5 Superior Outfit Formulas That Just Surfaced During Fashion Month

woman in red dress

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The first morning of New York Fashion Week, I found myself rushing to leave the house on time, a pile of clothes on the floor, dressed in all black, when I spotted a red sweater, hung across the top of the closet door. I swung it around my neck, wanting to add a little punch, and quickly strode my way to the train. Those intuitive last-minute choices are sometimes what I love the most about my fashion week outfits. And when I’m outside of shows, it’s these little decisions that I look for in the outfits of my peers. It could be styling track pants with unexpected outerwear, or adding a colorful bag for a surprising pop, but it’s the unexpected that transforms the overall vibe.

Both IRL and via Instagram, I’ve spent my free time gathering inspiration and perhaps tucking away a few outfit ideas to break out on days when my own creativity is falling a little short. If you, like me, are always on the hunt for some outfit inspiration, I’m sharing five ensembles that caught my eye, for their spunk, simplicity, or simply the fact that I know they’re easy to recreate with what’s already sitting and waiting in my closet. Scroll for some fresh ideas, along with similar pieces hand-picked by me to help you recreate these looks yourself. Enlist a friend to be your photographer, and have a street style moment wherever you are.

woman in a furry jacket

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Never underestimate the power of a great coat. Even a simple, casual ensemble can transform into something bold and playful when you add a statement coat into the mix. On a day when you're dressed in comfy staples, finish with furry outwear to instantly feel dressed up.

a woman in track pants

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Track pants are a cool, sporty staple to add to your wardrobe for 2024. They can be balanced out with dressier pieces like a tailored coat or cropped cardigan at a fashion show, or worn with other relaxed pieces for a post-gym ensemble.

woman in a yellow jacket

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During New York Fashion Week, a few balmier days meant a peek at spring outfit ideas from those at shows. A buttery yellow blazer can be styled like a neutral, styled with bold colors or as a simple addition to a quiet luxury look.

woman in leopard pants

(Image credit: @greceghanem)

Fashion month is a time for risk taking, but there are ways to bring bold style from outside the shows to your everyday life. A print like leopard can play nicely with pops of color, so try a look centered around a pair of leopard jeans. You can style it with a bright coat or colorful shoe for brunch or a birthday.

a woman in a red dress

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If you scroll through street style albums, you'll see someone dressed in a beautiful dress, navigating the cold with nary a coat in sight. Channel this fun look for any fancy occasions on the calendar, like an upcoming wedding.

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