I'm a Handbag-Obsessed Fashion Editor—This Is My All-Time Favorite

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Mulberry Lana Bag
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Welcome to I Can't Live Without, our fashion feature series that celebrates the most-loved items in our wardrobes. Here, the shoe lovers, bag worshippers, and jewelry collectors who happen to be some of the world's most stylish people will pen an ode to their most cherished piece and showcase exactly how they style it in their everyday life.

If I asked you what you couldn't live without, what would you say? Your phone? A morning coffee? Maybe your pet cat? While I won't argue with all of the above, I'm adamant that there are certain items in a wardrobe that life wouldn't be the same without. A quality cashmere knit, a tailored wool coat, or a pair of jeans that fit sublimely—I simply can't imagine getting dressed without these wardrobe heroes. When considering the staples that determine our style DNA, we should also contemplate our must-have accessories. I'd like to make a case for the wear-everywhere-with-everything designer handbag. You wear it every day. You dress it up. You pare it back. It's attached to you like a third arm or a small child. For WWW UK fashion editor Remy Farrell, that bag is the Lana by Mulberry.

Founded in South West England's Somerset in 1971, Mulberry is known for its leather bags and accessories, which are the epitome of luxury British design. Its pieces, along with the iconic Mulberry tree logo, are to British fashion as pubs are to London street corners: ever-present, forever valued, and always cherished. The brand is celebrated for making quintessential styles built to last, so you'd be forgiven for thinking that Mulberry's bags could be boring. But no—they're anything but. While the brand always proudly nods to its heritage, its designs can be bold, modern, and even irreverent.

I'd like to make a case for the wear-everywhere-with-everything designer handbag. You wear it every day. You dress it up. You pare it back. It's attached to you like a third arm or a small child. For WWW UK fashion editor Remy Farrell, that bag is the Lana by Mulberry.

Mulberry Lana Bag

(Image credit: Noorunisa)

But back to the bag in question. Remy and I have often spoken about our shared love for Mulberry bags, and I have to confess that my collection includes more than one. My first was the Alexa in leopard print (it was 2011 and the peak of the indie sleaze movement), my go-to wedding guest accessory is the Mini Lily, and I have yet to find a bag better at holding all my office essentials than the Bayswater tote.

Remy's first Mulberry purchase was the mini Alexa satchel, but it's the Lana that she uses most often. "What can I say? I'm a sucker for a crossbody, but it helps to have a bag that crosses into evening territory with ease too," she says. Made from glossy nappa leather accented with polished brass hardware and featuring a long crossbody strap and a top handle, the Lana has all the timeless yet practical features of the perfect everyday bag.

Quiet luxury, in case you somehow missed it, has had a huge impact on the fashion world. This idea that owning a collection of understated yet elegant staples is the true mark of sophistication—and let's be honest, wealth—has made us forget our former obsession with garish logos and trend-led prints or motifs; instead, we're making space for timeless pieces that won't ever go out of style. The Lana is exemplary of this. It doesn't belong to a trend or aesthetic; its appeal is in its versatility. Winter or summer, day or night, the Lana will always work hard in your wardrobe and never fail to elevate a look.

Don't believe me? Well, I asked Remy to put it to the ultimate test. To showcase how versatile and indispensable this bag is to her, I asked her to style it in four ways. Here, she documents her outfits and where she wears them and explains how the least difficult part of curating a look in the morning is choosing her handbag.


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Tell me a little bit about your outfit.
Jersey basics are the foundation of my wardrobe, and I find the easiest way to elevate these staples is to add a touch of polish (quite literally). Glossy leather never lets me down, and whether I'm wearing an oversize biker jacket, kitten heels, or a sleek top-handle bag, I feel most comfortable and confident in a high/low mix of business-casual pieces, armed with elegant accessories.

Describe this bag in three words.
Classic. Cute. Versatile.

When did you buy this bag, and what did you consider before you bought it?
It's a new style for the brand, so it's actually my most recent designer handbag. I had been looking for a small but structured crossbody for a while and have always loved this shape with the top handle because it's so timeless and speaks to my love of vintage pieces. I had seen a few influencers and editors with it, and then one day, I was on the tube to work and saw the chicest woman carrying it wearing a big, beige wool coat and ballet flats. That was it—I was sold.

Mulberry Lana Bag

Tell me a little bit about your outfit.
My 9-to-5 schedule is rarely the same, so whether I'm between meetings, attending shows, or on set, I like to keep things fuss-free. Sporty athleisure might be my go-to for comfort, but on days I need to look my best, swapping for a desk-to-dinner shoe and bag ticks every box.

If you were to empty this bag right now, what would you find?
Obviously, my phone (if it's not in my hand), my card holder, blister Band-Aids (if you know, you know), lip gloss, and sunglasses—oh, and hopefully my keys, if I remembered them today.

Tell me about the Lana's finer details.
My absolute favorite thing about the Lana bag is the Foundry lock. This design is part of Mulberry's new interpretation of the iconic Postman lock. I love the soft edges that make it look like it's almost melting. It reminds me of a Dali painting.

How often do you use it, really?
Honestly? Every single day.

Would you describe it more as practical or pretty?
This is so hard because it's both. It's practical in the sense that it's a crossbody and goes with everything, but you can't deny just how pretty it is.

Mulberry Lana Bag

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Tell me a little bit about your outfit.
My secret to dressing up? Scaling back. When the temptation is to over-accessorize, a simple silhouette and a versatile mini bag are all you need for a standout look. I'm currently drawn to elegant maxi dresses for dinners, parties, and weddings and find that "the longer the hem, the smaller the bag" works well as a rule of thumb for choosing accessories for formal occasions.

Does your phone fit inside this bag?
Easily. And my mirror, portable charger, card holder, lip balm…

Can it fit your laptop?
No, definitely not, but that's the idea! For that, I have my Bayswater tote.

Would you recommend it to a friend?
Wholeheartedly, yes.

What has it done for your wardrobe?
In essence, it elevates it. It somehow always brings my outfit together and makes them look stronger, be it leggings and trainers after the gym, a suit in the office, or a cute dress for dinner.

Mulberry Lana

Tell me a little bit about your outfit.
Once the workweek is over, I relax into denim and slouchy tailoring for a weekend of running errands. With no need to carry my laptop, I gravitate toward bags that are big enough for the essentials but not too bulky. Crossbodies, clutches, and mini totes are ideal for this, but it's even better when you find a bag that can do all three in one.

What do you think this bag looks best with?
That's a tough one! As much as I think an all-black ensemble is the chicest way to dress, the Lana in black looks best when it has contrasting clothing to sit against, so I have to go for my casual "out to lunch" look. I love this bag most as an everyday accessory with jeans, a blazer, a loose button-down, or a pretty dress. It's so effortless.

And finally, why can’t you live without it?
I'm not someone who buys designer pieces all the time (I wish I was), so every purchase has to be carefully considered—a real investment. I've had black bags before, but not like this one. I know that I will be able to carry this in 10 years and that the bag will age well with me, never feeling too old or too young for my style. Also, I think sometimes we can be so caught up in seasonal trends that come and go, whereas what I love about my Lana bag is that it transcends all that—it's special.

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