8 Outfits Women Over 40 Will and Won't Wear

We consistently turn to women over 40 for much of our sartorial direction. After all, we consider this set to be certified experts given their time developing polished personal wardrobes after style trial and error over the years.

We've already highlighted the jeans women over 40 love, so we thought we'd focus next on the specific ensembles some of the coolest women over 40 gravitate toward in their day-to-day. After all, who better to nab a little outfit inspiration from than those with that primo fashion knowledge?

And to dig even deeper into the matter, we thought you'd also be interested in the looks these women don't really wear anymore to add to that outfit-inspo journey. Of course, age really has nothing to do with what you should and shouldn't wear, but hey, there might be something worth taking note of with the style advice coming your way. 

With all that said, keep scrolling to check out the outfits five women over 40 will and won't wear. Plus, shop staples throughout that will work for anyone at any age. And also note that the quotes coming your way are based on personal preference from the women featured—you should always wear whatever you personally love and what makes you feel comfortable and confident. 

"I stay away from tight suits and tight white shirts when putting together an outfit for work. Instead, one of my favorite outfits for work is a midi dress and knee-high boots, or an oversize blazer with a white shirt, tapered trousers, and unique heels." — Renata Jazdzyk

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“I have never worn a fitted knee-length dress to work. Ever. Instead, this is about as scrubbed up as I get with a smart shirt with a good collar. I am lucky. I work in fashion. I can pretty much wear anything to the office. In fact, I could probably go to work in an incy-wincy teeny-weeny yellow polka-dot bikini with a fluorescent green welly on my head and nobody would bat an eyelid. ‘There goes Tray,’ they would say. ‘She works in the fashion department…’ ‘Oh that explains it then…’” — Tracey Lea Sayer

"On weekends, my go-to outfit used to be jeans, a sweatshirt, and sneakers. It took a minute to break this habit. I realized that I could be cute and casual. Now I put more effort into my weekend looks." — Georgette Niles

"When we often think about casual weekend outfits, we think tracksuits. I love to incorporate some sport elements into my outfits. However, I stay away from full sporty looks—especially tight tracksuits. My go-to formula for a casual outfit includes oversize jeans, a white T-shirt, and an oversize cardigan or blazer. Comfy and easy. To make my casual outfit a bit more unique, I love adding statement jewelry like a big necklace." — Jazdzyk

"One area of my wardrobe that has definitely improved is my casual game. In my 20s, I didn't give much thought to my look on a casual day. It was jeans and whatever T-shirt I threw on. Now I love casual separates so much—especially soft sweatshirts, sweatpants, and sweaters. A pair of distressed jeans and my favorite T-shirt and cardigan are a current go-to of mine." — Jeniese Hosey

"For a night out to dinner, I find that I don't like to wear hemlines that hit above the knee anymore. I now gravitate to a longer silhouette because they make me feel more put-together and sexier with minimal effort. As for outfit formulas, lately, my go-to is a relaxed button-down. I pair it with (or without) a jacket, then add jeans and pumps for a polished yet casual look. And for a night out, I like to wear it with something a little edgier like a mid-length leather skirt or trousers with heels." — Sara Watson 

"The element I often avoid are miniskirts. I don't like to show my legs a ton. Hence I tend to go for a leather midi skirt mixed with silky tops. Overall, I tend to go for pieces that are fun, unique, and stand out in a crowd—like a unique blazer, puff-sleeve tops, or one-shoulder tops combined with oversize jeans and colorful heels." — Jazdzyk

"There is very little that I restrict myself to not wearing, but my rule of thumb has always been that if I have to fidget with it, then I'm not going to wear it. So I stay away from super-short items when it's time go out. I want to be comfortable without thinking about how I look all the time. When I go out, I gravitate toward mid-length dresses, jeans, and a fabulous party top.” — Hosey