How to Dress Like Your Favorite Movie Couple This Halloween

Oh, love, the emotion we aspire to have, give, and be surrounded by. But since there are a few months left until Valentine's Day, we're game to see how we can incorporate all things love into the holiday that's right around the corner: Halloween.

What better way to feel the warm and fuzzies than by dressing as an iconic movie couple with your friend or S.O.? From classic films to more contemporary cult hits, there are so many couples you can re-create from the big screen that'll bring a bit of romance to an otherwise spooky occasion. Go for a feel-good, rom-com storyline or break out into song and dance—either way, the costumes ahead have the potential to give you all the feels.

Emma and Adele from Blue Is Tthe Warmest Color

Sure, the passionate love affair in Blue Is the Warmest Color left an impression, but who doesn't want to rock a blue wig?

Oliver and Elio from Call Me By Your Name

With this costume, you can make Sufjan Stevens the soundtrack of your night. 

Carol and Therese from Carol

The '50s style is the added bonus of this costume choice.

Rachel and Nick From Crazy Rich Asians

Dressing up as Nick and Rachel is the perfect excuse to go all-out this Halloween.

Mia and Sebastian from La La Land

Whether your Halloween party is in the city of stars or a friend's apartment, this costume will make you dance.

Chiron and Kevin from Moonlight

A low-key costume, but an award-winning one nonetheless.

Janet and Brad from The Rocky Horror Picture Show

The perfect costume to do the time warp—whether in a pink cardigan like in the original movie or a blue power suit from the most recent remake.

Jyn and Cassian from Rogue One

Bring a bit of space to any Halloween party you attend.

Margot and Richie from The Royal Tenenbaums


Everett Collection

Such a chic and iconic costume.

Fire up Netflix and get inspired for your October 31 look this year.

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