Strangely Enough, All the Fall Items I Want to Wear Are Under $100

Yes, I work in fashion, but I’m not the type to spend too much money updating my new-season wardrobe. I’ll pay attention to the runways during fashion week (it’s kind of my job), and I’ll definitely be doing some shopping (also kind of my job), but I tend to limit my investment purchases to classic styles I feel confident I’ll get a good cost-per-wear return on.

When it comes to seasonal trends I want to test-drive, I’m generally looking to scoop up pieces that ring in at under $100. If that rings true for you as well—and you’ve got a lot on your mind right about now, like which fall TV shows to get seriously invested in (hello, Maniac!)—you’ve come to the right place. Keep reading for my roundup of under-$100 pieces your fall wardrobe requires.