I'm Beating the Crowd and Buying These Fall Trends

It might feel a bit premature to be thinking about fall shopping. Yes, I know it's 80 degrees out today, but with September creeping closer day by day, I can't help but look ahead to what is arguably the best time of the year (sweaters! cider!). Now, not to resort to clichés here, but when it comes to trends, it's better to be the early bird. With fall styles arriving in stores, it's time to make moves and pick out the pieces that will put you on the forefront of the seasonal fashion wave.

Below you'll find an assortment of five trends I'm already putting my money toward. All are easy enough to incorporate into my already established wardrobe but still manage to prove to your friends (and all those Instagram strangers too) that you're ready for the coming months wardrobe-wise. So what exactly is it that you should be buying into this fall? Find the five trends I'd make moves on right now—don't sleep on them.

Whether it be snakeskin, tiger, or leopard, this fall it's all about embracing your animal instincts. Consider these prints to be wardrobe basics and style them with bold colors and cool accessories.

You don't have to be headed out to the ranch to road-test the Western trend. If you're skeptical, try starting small with a cool belt or turquoise jewelry. Then graduate into boots and cowboy-inspired clothes.

Available in sizes 38 to 40. 

Cooler weather usually signals a swap to jewel tones and softer hues, but not this year. Bold primary colors and eye-catching neons aren't fading away after summer. Try styling them from head to toe for a truly memorable look. 

There will always be a place for classic plaids, but this season, try switching things up wearing plaids with a punk bent. New colors, cool cuts, and plenty of mixing and matching make 2018 plaids feel especially fresh.

Short of heading out on the Appalachian trail, it used to seem that there wasn't much use for hiking boots. Now they're an everyday shoe and are as easy to wear with a dress as a simple pair of skinny jeans. While it still may feel too hot to wear them just yet, give it a month and you'll be ready to put them on every day. 

Now you're all set to gear up for fall too. 

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