These 5 Trends Are Slowly Dying


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Predicting and anticipating new trends is something we love here at Who What Wear. Whenever fashion week comes around, we can't wait to decipher which trends will be replacing the ones that have grown near and dear to our hearts in the coming season, and I have a few predictions of my own for fall 2018. Before we get into which trends are "slowly dying", as I like to put it, I want to make myself extremely clear—the trends I'm deeming "on the way out" are trends that we saw get a lot of hype in the past few seasons, meaning their life span is naturally going to be slowing down as we approach a fresh new season.

If you are obsessed with any of the styles I called out below and wear them frequently, that doesn't mean your sense of style is wrong by any means. I give you this information purely from a runway investigation standpoint. Fashion continuously goes through cyclical shifts implying that one trend will almost always be replaced by something new the following year. In case staying on top of these things is your jam, check out the five trends I feel are slowly on their way out as we approach F/W 18. Want to know what's replacing them? I listed that for you here as well. According to the runways, this fall is looking pretty damn chic if I do say so myself. Ready to see what the next season has in store?

On the Way Out: Big Stripes
On the Way In: Animal Print

Those larger, color-blocked stripes that almost look like an assortment of Lego's is proving to be not as prevalent this fall. Instead, when pulling for a print that is timeless but statement-making, animal print is where it's at. Designers like Calvin Klein, Balenciaga, Victoria Beckham, and more sent out animal-printed looks galore, thus proving that if a versatile yet striking print is what you're going for, animal print is your best bet.


Calvin Klein Collection F/W 18; Getty Images


Victoria Beckham F/W 18; Getty Images

Available in sizes IT34 to IT42. 

On the Way Out: Flatforms
On the Way In: Revamped Pumps

To be honest, I haven't seen a good flatform moment in quite a while. For the most part, shoes these days are having a moment, as everything from kitten heels to cowboy boots are proving to be here for the long haul, but flatforms are one style that is on the decline. Replacing the trend are revamped pumps. Think about classic pumps but with a toe-to-heel makeover. One look at the runway images below and you'll get the idea.


Jacquemus F/W 18; Getty Images


Prada F/W 18; ImaxTree

Available in sizes IT35 to IT42. 

On the Way Out: Robe Coats
On the Way In: Glossy Outerwear

Robe coats and kimono-inspired outerwear were basically everywhere in 2017, but according to the 2018 runways, outerwear is heading in a whole different direction. One outerwear trend that stood out to me, in particular, was glossy coats. When it comes to this trend, the shinier, the better.


Sies Marjan F/W 18; Getty Images


Marni F/W 18; Getty Images

On the Way Out: Streetwear
On the Way In: Classy Classics

I'm not saying athleisure is "out", but I am saying that there has been an overwhelming absence of streetwear in the past two seasons and an emphasis on the classics. We used to celebrate comfort and "swag" above everything else, but the fall 2018 runways showed a reverence for more heritage pieces including tailored separates, cardigans, and checks of all kinds.


Balenciaga F/W 18; Getty Images


Rejina Pyo F/W 18; Getty Images

Available in sizes FR34 to FR40. 

On the Way Out: Plastics
On the Way In: Metallics

Think about a trend that received tons of hype and plastic will immediately come to mind. Between plastic corsets, PVC shoes, clear bags, and the like, there wasn't a retailer that wasn't pushing the trend this spring. I will admit that this trend is still holding on for dear life, but come fall, people will be reaching for something else, and that something else is metallics. Tom Ford, Saint Laurent, and Isabel Marant sent out looks that shone bright, reminding us of the power metallics can have over an outfit, and frankly, we were getting kind of sick of the plastics anyway.


Isabel Marant F/W 18; Getty Images


Saint Laurent F/W 18; Getty Images

Available in sizes 38 to 44.