How to Dress for Fall, According to Your Favorite TV Characters


HBO Max; Pretty Little Liars characters from left to right: Alison Dilaurentis, Aria Montgomery, Hanna Marin, Emily Fields, and Spencer Hastings

We've all spent a lot of time at home this year, which has meant coming up with new, creative ways to keep busy (tie-dye, anyone?). But now, with the cooler weather setting in, let's be honest: What's more tempting than spending a chilly weekend binge-watching a favorite TV series?

Luckily, all seven seasons of Pretty Little Liars are now available to stream on HBO Max. This show is full of all the things we love to see on screen: strong female characters, a plot that keeps us on our toes, and—of course—great fashion inspo. We've been reminiscing on the girls' best fashion moments over the years, so I've naturally shopped out five on-trend fall looks inspired by each character's style. From the prints and cardigans I can see on Aria, to the square-toe ankle boots Spencer would definitely own, feel free to let these looks inspire your new-season shopping while you stream the show.

Aria Montgomery

Leopard-skirt outfit


The first words that come to mind when we think of Aria are offbeat and artistic. She has the style to match, too, as she constantly mixed bold prints and colors. Aria regularly wore leopard print and statement necklaces, which inspired this fall look. Her character is a welcome reminder that cold-weather outfits don't have to be all neutral or dark.

Spencer Hastings

Preppy style for fall


Spencer is sophisticated and intellectual and would even be described as intimidating by some. Her style leans a bit on the preppy side, so this season she would likely lean into tailored pieces like trench coats, button-down shirts, and plaid miniskirts.

Hanna Marin

On-trend fall outfits


Hanna is the show's resident fashion girl. Her wardrobe in high school was always the trendiest, and she even went on to work in the fashion industry during her time in New York. She'd likely lean into seasonal styles such as chunky jewelry and bold white accessories.

Emily Fields

Denim and leather jacket outfits


While all of the girls evolved and matured immensely over the seven seasons, Emily's character arguably went through the most personal changes. Her style, however, remained casual yet polished through the years. She gravitated toward timeless staples like denim, leather jackets, and simple graphic T-shirts.

Alison DiLaurentis

Blazer and jeans outfit


After faking her own death, Alison becomes the most mysterious character on the show. In her high school days, her fashion choices consisted of many floral dresses, but her style matured a bit more when she became a teacher. Now, she'd probably stick to chic basics like blazers, Chelsea boots, and cozy fall sweaters.

Now that Pretty Little Liars is available to stream on HBO Max, we know what we'll be doing this weekend.