The Best Fall Products Don't Cost a Ton—Here Are 20 to Prove That

As a fashion editor, I'm always working a season ahead in order to follow trends and It products, and I'm generally always keeping an eye on what the next big thing will be. But when it comes to beauty, I'm a die-hard shopper, and I always turn to the experts for what to buy next. Luckily, I can always run a product by my co-workers (aka Who What Wear's resident beauty aficionados) and fellow content creators when I'm debating whether or not to buy the serum everyone is talking about, for example. This October, I've been itching to stock my top shelf with new products, so naturally, I turned to my friends and colleagues to get some answers.

First things first: I need to keep Macy's open on my browser at all times. The legacy retailer is a gold mine of every kind of beauty product you can possibly imagine, so it's no surprise that so many insiders turn to Macy's to purchase their next must-haves. From cult-favorite hair products to the lip pencil that blew up on TikTok, these products are my favorite beauty experts' top picks for October.

If Aniyah Morinia tells me to buy the under-eye patches, you better believe they're already in my cart. See what the Gen-Z powerhouse is eyeing this month and why she's picking up each of these products.

"I can already tell that this palette will become the star of my fall makeup routine."

"Cooler temperatures often mean dryer lips, but that doesn't apply to me when I have a high-shine gloss like this to throw in my purse."

"I'm prioritizing moisture this season, and this body butter sounds heavenly."

"I feel most confident with a swipe of blush on my cheeks. And by a swipe, I mean a little more than the recommended amount to really make my look pop."

Anna Dominguez, my forever classic L.A. girl, always has staples in her repertoire. Don't sleep on these next five must-haves.

"I saw someone using this on TikTok, and now, of course, I need it."

"I never really wear eyeliner in the summer, but in the fall, I'm all about more dramatic looks."

"Taking a bath is one of my favorite cozy fall activities. And this oil is a post-bath favorite."

"So many friends have recommended this to me, so I think it's finally time to try it."

I can always rely on Jasmine Fox-Suliaman for seriously straightforward, no-BS product recommendations. Here are her favorites. 

"No matter your hair texture, Olaplex's No. 3 Perfector will ensure your hair is the healthiest it's ever been this fall."

"Another way to ensure you're spending less time stressing out about frizzy curls is to invest in a good leave-in conditioner. This honey-based leave-in will keep your curls hydrated and fight fall dryness."

"The key to always looking your best and minimizing your beauty routine is to have a solid skincare routine. I love this set from Nudestix. It has a daily cleanser, a moisturizer, and an at-home peel that will make your summer dew last well into the winter."


"I love to keep my makeup routine simple, especially when things kick up around the holidays. So a great nude lip that I can apply without having to worry about reapplication is a saving grace."

"I'll admit that I haven't changed my signature scent for years, but this discovery set is perfect for dipping my toes in the water."

If you're a neutrals person, you're going to love Tayla Santos's beauty picks. Find them below, and learn why she's adding each to her cart.

"Fall and winter are my favorite times to introduce lip colors! Don't be shy—try out a new shade."

"A life saver once the weather starts to get dry."

"Cooler weather means no more leaving the house with wet hair."

"I know we are sadly saying goodbye to our summer tans, so it's time to say hello to our new fave bronzers."

"Perfect neutrals and tones for the fall. They keep it simple while still making a difference."