7 Essential Oils for Energy and How to Use Them


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Life can get really busy. You could be working on last-minute project deadlines, dealing with a full social calendar, or being pulled in a lot of different directions. Of course, sleep is important, but when we're not getting enough of it, it's all too easy to become irritable, impatient, unproductive, and—let's face it—just plain old miserable. And while we can advocate for the benefits of sleep until we're blue in the face, we won't lie: Staying faithful to a full eight hours is hard and, realistically, not always in the cards. Thus, it's important to have some tricks up our sleeves to nurture our depleted energy levels (preferably that won't increase our dependency on caffeine or sugar). So we were curious—what about essential oils for energy?

We're already infatuated with them for moisturizing our cactus-like skin, helping us to drift blissfully off to sleep, and even clearing up our acne. So is it too much to ask that they also perk us up around 3 p.m. when we feel like we've been run over by a truck and simply can't go on? According to Sara Panton, co-founder of Vitruvi (a super-obsession-worthy line of essential oils and diffusers created by and for millennial women—so cool), not in the least. Apparently, essential oils can do wonderful things for our energy while simultaneously supplementing happiness, stress reduction, and overall well-being along the way. Cool, right?


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"I love anything citrus for an energy kick. I usually turn to scents like grapefruit and bergamot as well as fresh and herbaceous essential oils like peppermint and eucalyptus," she explains. And really, that's just the tip of the iceberg. It's part of Vitruvi's mission to encourage women to take advantage of the small moments throughout our day for the sake of a little slice of indulgence (so we can take on the world like our badass selves, obviously). The brand's ultimate goal: to help you take care of yourself so you can take on the world.

In addition to being a creative and innovative CEO, Panton's also a total scent whisperer, and we couldn't wait to pepper her with all the questions about essential oils for energy. Below, you'll find seven of her go-to oils, three top-secret hacks for a dreamier workday, and last, but certainly not least, three heavenly blend ideas for those in need of some inspiration—or who simply don't speak aromatherapy (ahem, me)—keep reading!

First, the basics:


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When it comes to essential oils for energy, there are a couple different scent families you can focus on: citrusy fare like grapefruit, sweet orange, and lemon, or more herbaceous base notes like eucalyptus, peppermint, rosemary, and lemongrass. However, even within these specific groupings, Panton recommends certain oils over others. Here, she gives us the inside scoop on her personal favorites and how strategically using these particular essential oils can improve our energy levels.


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"Citrus essential oils have a beautiful effect on our energy levels by stimulating the area of the brain that promotes happiness and encouraging an uplifting feeling. I also love using more herbal scents like peppermint and eucalyptus for an energy boost because they help promote deep breathing, which in turn oxygenates the brain and paves the way for an increase in alertness." For energy purposes, Panton highlights the following: peppermint, eucalyptus, cedarwood, sweet orange, grapefruit, bergamot, and geranium.

Keep scrolling for Panton's expert tips, hacks, and blends for incorporating them into your everyday routine.

3 hacks to enhance your everyday life:

1. Cedarwood + Steam

2. Peppermint + Haircare

3. Grapefruit + Skincare

3 combinations to energize your soul

Below, Panton shares her go-to mixtures for energy—a helpful guide for anyone new to mixing and unsure where to start! Simply add to your diffuser, breathe deep, and go get 'em.


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Six drops bergamot + six drops cedarwood = a cozy yet energizing afternoon diffuser blend at your desk.


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Ten drops eucalyptus + 10 drops sweet orange + two inches of warm water in your bathtub = a revitalizing foot soak to help reset and refresh after a long day on your feet.


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Three drops grapefruit + two drops geranium + two pumps of your morning moisturizer = a fresh way to boost and energize your daily skincare routine.

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