10 Indispensable Tips I've Learned Sitting Next to Who What Wear Beauty Editors

As a fashion market editor, I undoubtedly enjoy some job perks (travel, clothes, events… to name a few), but my favorite part of going into the office every day is the conversation among the editors, particularly when it comes to advice. I can’t tell you how many new brands I’ve learned about, the amount of fashion celebrity news I’ve kept up with, or even the number of cool new dinner spots I've discovered, all thanks to my colleagues. Another bonus is that I sit right behind the Who What Wear beauty team, which means I get to eavesdrop on everything they discuss, from amazing supplements to the newest makeup launches to a facial they recently tried. Luckily, I also get to test-drive some of the products they receive, sometimes acting as a guinea pig for a new lipstick or skincare item that landed on their desks.

I always want to know everything about how to make my beauty, skincare, and wellness regimens better (especially now that my wrinkles are real), so I’m always open to hearing their expert tips and thoughts on the latest and greatest in the wellness-and-beauty space. From what products help you feel less bloated to the items you should never use on your face and how to prevent breakouts, below I’m sharing the essential tips and tricks that I’ve learned from our beauty-and-wellness team—and the must-have products they swear by.

Essential Beauty Tips

"Taking a consistent dosage of magnesium every day has been game-changing for me this year. I usually take it right before bed (this new Moon Juice launch tastes so dreamy and immediately disappears into water), and it helps me sleep, stave off stress, and feel less bloated. It's basically a magical supplement I've been telling everyone to look into if they suffer from any of the above issues."

"I feel like people think brush-on fiber mascaras are passé, but if you find a good formula, the results are so good and way easier than dealing with false lashes, extensions, or other lash-related options. I can't quit this particular one from Australian brand MCo Beauty and start to panic whenever the tube starts to reach its end. I always get compliments on my lashes when I wear it (people think they're extensions!), so I've been telling everyone about this."

"Don't use coconut oil as a beauty product. I think I'm especially sensitive to coconut oil and coconut oil–derived ingredients, but just looking at the stuff makes me break out and my pores clog. It's in SO many beauty products these days, and I'm secretly convinced it's the reason so many adults are having random acne issues they never had before. I pretty much have to scan every single ingredient list, and lip products are the absolute worst offenders. For anyone who's been breaking out around their mouth or lips, check your products! The below lip balm from PCA Skin is my favorite and one of the only products I've ever tried that keeps my lips hydrated for literally days and doesn't have coconut oil or any other comedogenic oils in it."

"I was plagued by the worst and most stubborn breakouts until I realized a sneaky supplement I was taking (the biotin in my favorite hair gummies) was the cause behind my never-ending cycle of acne. I'm bummed because I loved my hair gummies, but ever since I quit them cold-turkey, my skin has cleared, and I haven't gotten any new breakouts. I did some research and asked my go-to esthetician, Dakota Katt at Vanessa Hernandez Skincare, about it, and it turns out this is totally a thing and a huge issue for a lot of people since our bodies can only absorb so much biotin. Sad, but true. Instead, I'll be solely relying on my favorite multivitamins from Ritual (which don't have biotin) to keep everything topped up." 

Essential Beauty Tips

"I mist my face all day, every day. I keep spritzers and aerosols on my desk and in my car so I can mist on the go for an extra hit of moisture or even to reapply SPF. It's a quick and easy way to care for my skin no matter where I am."

"Clear lip gloss is one of the first beauty products I was allowed to wear as a teenager, so my love for it runs deep. No matter how my day is going, adding a swipe of shiny gloss to my lips instantly makes me feel 100% fiercer."

"Don't quiz me on the science behind face rollers, but I've been really into taking this tool to my face before bed at night. I haven't noticed a huge difference just yet, but the instant soothing and tension release coupled with the potential de-puffing that could come into play are all motivation enough for me to stick with it."

"Water is (almost) always the answer. Or at least it's the first question I ask if I'm feeling off: Did you drink enough water today? I always try to make sure I drink enough water throughout the day so I'm feeling energized and refreshed. Bringing along a reusable water bottle always ensures I'm hydrating."

"I think it's important to take lots of breaks throughout the day, no matter what you're doing, but especially when you're at work. It's a nice mental health reset. I like to take a walk around (even if it's just for a couple of minutes), take some deep breaths, and center my mind. Luckily, I have an Apple Watch, so it tells me when I should stand up and stretch, but if you don't have one, just try to do it every one or two hours."

"This is a sleep trick I've learned from an expert I spoke to for a story about falling back to sleep after waking up in the middle of the night: Don't clock-watch. Before, when I used to look at my phone or nightstand clock, I'd start thinking (and thinking and thinking) about how many hours I had left for sleep until I had to wake up, which would cause me to stress out. Now, I force myself to not reach for my phone, which is also great since there's no light to disrupt my eyes or Instagram to distract me, and that's made a world of difference for falling back to sleep quicker."

Shop more must-have products I've bought thanks to our beauty editors:

There's no denying Augustinus Bader's cult-loved face cream is quite expensive at $265 a pot. But the holy-grail cream with A-list fans is worth all the hype. I was able to try a sample from the beauty editors, and I absolutely fell in love. It's seriously hydrating and leaves my skin with an incredible glow.

This is now my go-to everyday lipstick thanks to the beauty team. It's universally flattering, and celebs, editors, and beauty mavens can't get enough of it.

Where would I be without my dry shampoo? This one instantly soaks up excess oil while adding texture and volume.

I think practically every person in our office owns this cult eyebrow product. We're always on a quest to make our brows thick and defined yet natural-looking. Glossier's Boy Brow is the way to do it.

For those suffering from acne issues, this face mask is a godsend. It's infused with charcoal and clay, which clear pores and leave skin detoxified, smooth, and perfectly glowy. Not bad for $12!

Our sister company, Versed, released an incredible (and affordable) skincare line this year, and, of course, we got to be the first ones to try it. This hydration booster serum is one of my favorites from the collection. It's made of two types of hyaluronic acid, which hydrates the skin and the layers beneath it. The serum can be used alone or with a moisturizer or foundation and is perfect for those with ultra-dry skin.

This essential eucalyptus oil will help you shorten your cold overnight—you can also use it to make a DIY vapor rub—just mix with peppermint oil and coconut oil and rub on your chest. Because cold season is officially here, friends!