Emma Chamberlain Breaks Down Her Ideal Morning Routine and Self-Care Rituals


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Whatever Emma Chamberlain says, does, and even drinks, people take note. The 20-year-old media personality and influencer has captivated the attention of millions, many of which tune in to watch her day-in-the-life vlogs and related musings on YouTube. In a span of a few short years, Chamberlain has been the subject of multiple cover stories, turned her iced coffee addiction into a wildly successful venture, started a podcast, attended her first Met Gala, the list goes on… 

To keep up with the demand of her job and online presence, Chamberlain makes sure to prioritize offline time as well. We caught up with the entrepreneur to see how she takes care of herself in the mornings and beyond, and learned the one thing she’s letting go of this year.

What is the first thing you do when you wake up?


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"This probably won't shock anyone, but the first thing I do is make a coffee. I don't brush my teeth, wash my face, or get dressed until my coffee is at least 50% consumed.

"I've been most recently obsessed with making cortados, but I'm truly an iced-coffee girl. I love bringing my coffee back into bed with me and having a little moment of peace before my day starts."

Speaking of coffee, how do you like to make yours?


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"I love taking my time to make a beautiful cup of coffee in the morning. It makes me so happy. I just recently got a new espresso machine, so I have been using the Chamberlain Coffee Fancy Mouse Espresso Blend and Nutpods Caramel Creamer to make the most delicious drinks. I also love to start my day with a cortado, which is basically two shots of espresso and a tiny bit of frothed milk. I will use basically any coffee beans I have on hand, but recently, I have been using the Chamberlain Coffee Holiday Blend."

"After my first coffee, I am not done. I have to make a cold brew, and I can brew it in many different ways. Sometimes I'll throw some ground coffee into the Chamberlain Coffee x Bodum Cold Brew Press, and other times, I'll use the Chamberlain Coffee Elephant Cold Brew XL Bags. It just depends on what I have in the house."

What is your A.M. beauty routine?


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"I'm not going to lie. I skip my a.m. skincare routine probably four days a week. I tend to jump straight into work, which is why my morning skincare tends to get ignored most of the time, but when I have the discipline, I love to go all in. 

"I obviously start by cleansing my face. One of my favorite cleansers being the Bad Habit Wake Up Things Matcha & Mint Daily Cleanser. "

"I'll follow that up with Dr. Barbara Sturm Calming and Hyaluronic Serums and the Bad Habit Dewd Hemp Nourishing Facial Oil before finishing it off with moisturizer and lip balm."

"I am a lip-balm hoarder, and I have too many to count. My favorite right now though is probably the Dior Lip Glow Oil. After I finish my skincare routine, I'm ready to start the day. I rarely wear makeup unless there's a reason to."

What are your favorite self-care rituals?


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"Recently, I have been obsessed with cooking. It is absolutely a form of meditation for me. Cooking a recipe from scratch forces you to focus on the task at hand and takes your mind off negative things, and in the end, you'll have something yummy and fun to eat (that is, if you didn't mess up the recipe, LOL). 

"Going for walks and listening to music is another self-care ritual I have. Just breathing fresh air and listening to music I love can totally ease my mind. 

"Last but not least, I enjoy pampering myself sometimes. Whether that's getting my nails done, getting a massage, doing my skincare routine in-depth, or anything in that realm, I try to incorporate those things into my life when they feel necessary."

What is your go-to outfit?


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"White shirt, blue Levi's, and Doc Martens. Always. It's comfortable yet classic, and it has never failed me. There are so many ways to accessorize a simple outfit like this, which makes it a perfect foundation for an outfit." 

What is something that always puts you in a good mood?


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"Honestly… making my coffee in the morning. I know, shocker. I also love listening to music and taking my time to make the perfect drink. It just makes me happy. I'm not exactly sure why."

What is a wellness goal you would like to accomplish this year?


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"Just to be easier on myself. When I need a break, I need to let myself take a break without feeling like a complete failure. I am my own harshest critic, and I'm hoping to let that go this year."

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