7 Products That Always Make My Skin Glow In Summer

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Hang in there everyone—a new season is on the horizon. Yes, the official start of summer is mere weeks away and while I’m trying not to get my hopes up about the potential mini heatwave that’s set to hit the UK next week it’s impossible not to feel everyone’s optimism levels soaring after a challenging start to the year. Of course, summer still might look a little different this year but with restrictions starting to ease here in the UK even the prospect of a local mini break is enough to get my heart fluttering right now. 

As a beauty editor, I’m a firm believer in it never being too soon to start thinking about how to tweak your beauty routine as the seasons shift—so I’ve already been prepping my bathroom cupboard and makeup bag for a bit of a summer overhaul. While a far-flung adventure might not be on the cards right now, I’ll still be shifting my makeup and skincare to account for the prospect of warmer British weather and more time spent exploring the great outdoors. And, luckily, one of my favourite ever beauty brands is on the same track.


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This month, Elemis has teamed up with designer Hayley Menzies for a celebration of British adventure in the form of a specially curated edit of seven skin and body favourites housed in a beautiful wash bag. Best of all? It's worth £114 but costs just £75—and I love a good saving.

"We are thrilled to partner with such a bold and evocative designer to create these exclusive, curated collections," says Noella Gabriel, Elemis Global President & Co-Founder. "Not only does Hayley Menzies proudly embrace her British heritage much like Elemis, she also embodies our adventurous spirit."

As a long-term Elemis fan, I have to say that while their Skin Wellness Essentials collection contains everything you need for gorgeous skin all year round, this special edit really comes into its own for summer thanks to the real focus on radiance-boosting formulations and refreshing bodycare treats. Trust me—the seven products they've selected for this collaboration are all you need for glowy summer skin.


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And let's not forget the bag itself. Starting her training at the London College of Fashion before trawling the globe for design inspiration, Menzies has become synonymous with vibrant prints with a global feel and the monochromatic wash bag design really reflects that playful zest for adventure. "

"Elemis is a British brand whose ethos and values align with our own," explains Menzies. "Like Hayley Menzies, there is a soul, heartbeat and deep passion driving the brand, which was essential for me. I’ve loved Elemis for years."

And while the bag is perfect for stashing your summer skincare essentials in at home—it looks so chic in the bathroom—I personally can't wait to pack up mine up ready for a summer mini break.

Shop the Elemis x Hayley Menzies Skin Wellness Essentials:

Plus, get a free gift when you spend £85 or more:


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If that wasn't enough summer skincare inspiration for you, Elemis have also created a complimentary, limited edition 5-piece collection of glow-getting favourites inside a exclusive Hayley Menzies bag. The Little Luxuries Gift is yours for free when you spend £85+ at Elemis and use code HAYLEY.

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