The 2022 Trends I'm Wearing (and Skipping) After Living in NYC, Paris, and L.A.

Editor spring trends


Courtesy of Chanel

I've been lucky enough to live in some of the most incredible cities in the world, at least in my personal opinion: NYC, Paris, and L.A. Each city is a unique place to live with its own local cultures and customs, and similarly, each place has its own take on fashion. Living in each place has opened me up to what makes each spot known for fashion in its own right, and I picked up some ideas about how to dress along the way—with plenty of personal outfits to share.

Looking ahead to fashion in 2022, I've been studying the looks on the runways and deciding which ones deserve a place in my closet. In part, my time in each fashion capital has influenced which trends I'll end up adding to my closet, based on the style lessons I absorbed that have stuck with me until this day. Ahead, the 2022 trends you'll spot me wearing, as well as the ones I'm planning to skip in the year ahead.

Skipping: Patchwork Denim
Wearing: Dark Denim

Editor spring trends: dark denim


Courtesy of Christian Dior

As much as I see patchwork denim popping up this season, I prefer clean lines and colors when it comes to jeans. That's why I'll be adding dark denim into my new-season wardrobe. It's a big shift away from the lighter shades of denim that have dominated for the last few years, so this feels like a fresh and welcome change.


I swear by Levi's, and you can't beat this $98 price tag.

Skipping: Soft Shades
Wearing: Bright Colors

Editor spring trends: bright colors


Courtesy of Proenza Schouler

While neutrals may be the main DNA in my closet, I'll be focused on adding more colorful pieces to my wardrobe. And I don't mean soft shades—I'm talking bold, bright colors with high impact. When even minimal brands like The Row are debuting collections full of color, you know the palette is shifting.

Still collecting all the button-downs.

I can think of some many occasions to wear this.

Skipping: Funky Heels
Wearing: Platforms

Editor spring trends: platforms


Courtesy of Saint Laurent

With everything from broken eggs to nail polish bottles as heels, there was no shortage of artsy takes on shoes for spring 2022. While I might be skipping those, I have my eyes set on all of the cool platforms that hit the runways everywhere from Saint Laurent to Versace.


These already sold out but were just restocked.

Skipping: Fringe
Wearing: All Things Risqué

Editor spring trends: all things sexy


Courtesy of Nensi Dojaka

Fringe was everywhere on the runways, but it's not the trend I'm looking to buy right now. Instead, I can't stop thinking about the sophisticated takes on risqué pieces that dominated for S/S 22. Think corsets, micro skirts, sheer fabrics, and anything with cutouts.

Skipping: Boho
Wearing: '90s-Inspired Pieces

Editor spring trends: '90s-inspired pieces


Courtesy of Chanel

The resurgence of updated takes on boho at brands like Paco Rabanne is undeniable. That being said, I prefer the clean lines and silhouettes of '90s-inspired pieces, which were also in full focus in the collections of Chanel and Christopher Esber.


Skipping: Artsy Pieces
Wearing: Tailored Suiting

Editor spring trends: tailored suiting


Courtesy of Peter Do

Elements of artsy pieces are infused in so many of the new drops for spring, with playful prints and embellishments taking center stage. Since I tend to get tired of prints pretty quickly, I'll instead be leaning into tailored suiting since I know it has staying power.


The ultimate blazer to wear forever.

The Frankie Shop never misses the mark.

Skipping: Catsuits
Wearing: Aughts Revival Pieces

Editor spring trends: aughts revival pieces


Coutresy of Miu Miu

I lived through the aughts the first time around and admittedly, I didn't always love fashion from the decade. Yes, I wore ultra low-rise jeans and going-out tops, but right now, I'm gravitating towards the new, more elevated takes on all things Y2K that emerged for S/S 22. On the other hand, I can't deny the dominance of catsuits on the runways, but won't be jumping into that trend right away.

Get ready to see the Balenciaga bag—new and old—take over in 2022.