How to Shop Like a Fashion Editor This Month

My shopping habit is actually outrageous. I can find a reason to justify any purchase, which is why my friends come to me with shopping links—so I can tell them all of the reasons why they need to click ‘checkout’. Only today, our beauty editor Lisa on sister site Byrdie Australia, was unsure about whether she should buy these earrings. I told her she should (obviously) because everyone should be wearing big earrings right now and they’re an investment.

So what to buy this month? Last month was all about setting the tone of your autumn wardrobe and this month is about building on it.

Keep scrolling to discover the best pieces to buy in March.

I'm making it my mission to own one of every neck tie and a dark floral version is perfect for a moody autumn vibe.

Okay, hear me out. This might not look like much, but imagine it paired with the mules and bomber jacket below... 

This is my 'I like to disco' top. I'm going to wear it with these Ellery flares and pretend I'm from another era. 

A Balmain-esque skirt for a fraction of the price? It's a no-brainer.

From now on, this is what weekends look like. A linen jumpsuit worn with a tee underneath for autumn, then a cashmere turtleneck for winter.

A souvenir jacket has been high on my priority list. This one has a lived-in, vintage feel that I'm obsessed with right now (might be because I want to channel the Pink Ladies).

This is the year for downsizing, so from now on, I'm only carrying my phone, wallet and keys and a mini-fringed bucket. 

What will you be buying this month? Share in the comments below!

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