From Ganni to Rixo, Here's What Your Favourite Designers Are Wearing at Home

Over the last few months, many of our lives have changed immeasurably. From a complete adjustment in work routines to drastically altered social lives, relatively nothing is the same as it was back in February. While we all are processing these changes differently, adjusting to a life in which many choices are beyond our control, one factor that has remained within our control is the way we choose to get dressed in the morning. 

Whether you have opted to completely embrace loungewear or prefer a slightly more polished aesthetic, there is no denying that what you wear each day can have an impact on your overall outlook and even mood or productivity. With this in mind, I decided to turn to the experts and asked a few of my favourite designers exactly what they have been wearing to work from home. And with answers from the women behind some of the fashion industry's buzziest brands—including Henrietta Rix and Orlagh McCloskey of Rixo, Ditte Reffstrup of Ganni, Haeni Kim of Kitri and Rejina Pyo—you're definitely going to want to read on.

Whether based in London or across various parts of the globe, a common thread amongst all the designers is that they are continuing to dress up despite remaining at home. From flowing midi dresses to loose-fitting jeans, comfort is, of course, a priority, though their style and personal aesthetics have not wavered. 

If you've ever wondered what your favourite designers wear when they're off duty, this one is certainly for you. Keep scrolling to see what the designers behind Ganni, Rixo, Rejina Pyo and Kitri are wearing at home. 

Rejina Pyo of Rejina Pyo


(Image credit: @rejinapyo)

"We’re currently in quarantine at my family country house in Korea, so we are trying to spend lots of time outside with our son Luka. The shirt is the Maja top, which is like an oversize golf shirt, paired with the Oscar linen shorts and, of course, Larissa sandals." 


(Image credit: @rejinapyo)

"Wearing this to have dinner with my husband and son. The Mia wrap top is lightweight for the warm weather we're having. I’ve layered our Imogen set underneath, which is made from sustainable Tencel and super soft. The skirt is our Blair pencil skirt/ It features our hand-painted S/S 20 Hawaiian print. Shoes are our classic Larissa sandals, which I have been wearing every day." 


(Image credit: @rejinapyo)

"Once the quarantine is over I'll be working from our Korean office. This would be a go-to look. Our Sabrina T-shirt paired with the Astrid skirt, teal Romy wedged Sandals and tiger-print Nane bag." 

Ditte Reffstrup of Ganni


(Image credit: @ganni)

"When this whole WFH thing started, the first few days, I was just in my pyjamas all the time. But I found it was giving me the Sunday blues every day. So I started making an effort and dressing up more. It really made me realize how I dress for myself and nobody else. It’s actually become a bit of an act of self-care. I love these little red Mary Jane slip-ons paired with a denim skirt and some crispy white cotton."


(Image credit: @ganni)

"We have three kids. Our youngest is just 3 years old. So as you can imagine, we have had our hands full juggling homeschooling, work and endless video calls. Somedays I like to just go for something practical like baggy jeans and a mesh turtleneck in a happy colour."


(Image credit: @ganni)

"When everything shut down, we decided to start a Ganni podcast called How Are You. Nicolaj and I have been calling up friends from around the world to ask them how they are in these crazy times. We’ve spent a lot of time at home recording. It’s been really nice to play around with my wardrobe from home. I am living in this brown maxidress dress styled with jeans. It’s such an easy and flattering shape." 

Henrietta Rix and Orlagh McCloskey of Rixo


(Image credit: @rixo)

"Orlagh is in lockdown in London, and I’m isolating in the countryside outside Manchester in my family home. It’s the first time Orlagh and I have been apart for so long since we launched Rixo, which is tough! I am very lucky that we have a garden, so I try to keep a routine of Monday through Friday working and at the weekends spend as much time as I can outside to get some fresh air, reading books that have been on my list for ages. Most days, I wear a vintage shirt (this polka-dot one has a '70s contrast collar and was a bargain at £3) and will pair with a Rixo silk skirt like this pink check Tina skirt since it’s really lightweight and easy-to-wear." — Rix


(Image credit: @rixo)

"I have our Zadie dress in at least three different prints and have been wearing that shape regularly too. It’s the best dress to slip on and wear all day. It’s comfortable, and I feel great when I wear it, as the shape is really flattering. I’ve worn her around the house, while glued to my laptop for work, to bake scones (I’m doing a lot more cooking while in lockdown, which I really enjoy) and also I hoover the house in her!" — Rix


(Image credit: @rixo)

"I’m in London and moving house in the midst of lockdown. This Kiara dress is perfect because she’s super lightweight and lets me move freely whilst I sort through and pack up everything. I also love the print. It’s got such a '60s vibe to it, but in a shape that suits my lifestyle. Anything that feels special, but you can wear day to day is a winner for me!" — McCloskey


(Image credit: @rixo)

"I’ve also been reworking and improving fits during lockdown, spreading my patterns out on the floor in my now-empty (from my moving prep) living room. The sleeve on this shape is my ultimate favourite. I have worked on it for the last few seasons until it’s been perfected. With this dress, I don’t need to wear a bra since it has an under-bust seam and a drawing string that holds you in. It makes for a super-comfy wear!" — McCloskey

Haeni Kim of Kitri


(Image credit: @kitristudio)

"Perfect for dress-up Fridays. It’s been good to get dressed up every now and then to keep my sanity! I wear it with velvet slippers at home but can’t wait to wear it with great heels once the lockdown is over." 


(Image credit: @kitristudio)

"Making the most of the one walk a day in the sunshine. I’ve loved wearing this dress during the lockdown. The lively print helps lift my mood, and it’s perfectly comfortable to curl up on the sofa in."


(Image credit: @kitristudio)

"This daisy print from our spring collection has been very popular, and luckily I nabbed the sample before the lockdown! Daisy is such a cheerful and positive flower, signalling a new day. I layer it with our yellow cardigan for extra-positive vibes." 

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