How to Wear a Denim Jumpsuit the 2018 Way

There's nothing better than a whole outfit in one garment. That's why maxi dresses, rompers, and jumpsuits are always top of our lists when we want to look our best without maximum effort. So, as the season of short rompers and breezy maxi dresses slowly comes to an end, our focus is shifting toward coveralls. Specifically, we're eyeing denim jumpsuits. Whether it's a long-sleeve, short-sleeve, or even short-leg denim jumpsuit, there's nothing a fun layer, trendy outerwear, or knee-high boots won't complement. As to gather all the inspiration to wear this classic staple in new ways, we've put together 15 denim jumpsuit outfits too good not to try. Ready to be inspired?

Don't let blue be your first option when it comes to denim jumpsuits. 

Master your layering game with a denim jumpsuit as the core piece of your outfit. 

For cooler temps, style a jumpsuit over a turtleneck and you're ready to go.

Or pair your denim jumpsuit with a fun fringe jacket.

Swap out the sandals for fall ankle boots when the weather permits.

Imagine how good this short denim jumpsuit would look with thigh-high boots. 

The softer the denim the better. 

Don't forget about oversize jumpsuits for some stylish comfort. 

You can't go wrong with a '90s-inspired denim look. 

If we dare say so ourselves, behold the most stylish dog-walking outfit.

Denim jumpsuits look best with white kicks. 

Cowboy boots come in at a close second. 

Ruffle denim jumpsuits look quite flirty.

Say hello to the ultimate cool and casual look. 

Pair your strapless denim jumpsuit with some black pumps for your friends' night out. 

Note to self: Add a denim jumpsuit to our wardrobe ASAP. 

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