The Copenhagen Brands That Are Redefining Danish Fashion

Home to beautiful minimalist design, the Scandinavian countries have carved out an aesthetic when it comes to fashion, art, and design that's all their own. Unlike their European counterparts, countries like Denmark are known for often forgoing the trend waves in favor of a more utilitarian approach to dressing that stems from efficiency and intentionality. It’s often for this reason that Danish style gets passed over when we talk about the current up-and-coming brands. But there are a handful of labels emerging from the Copenhagen scene that are redefining the ubiquitous clean minimalism that’s often synonymous with Danish style.

This new crop of Copenhagen designers are defining contemporary fashion on their own terms, and the rest of the fashion sphere is taking note. You've probably heard of cool girl–loved Ganni, with its modern prints that are taking over everyone’s closets and Instagram feeds. Likewise, labels Saks Potts and By Malene Birger are shedding the cold, clean stereotype of Danish style through their range of flirty shapes and brilliant colors. And for the downtown kids, it’s the athleisure-inflected, leather-embossed cool-kid grit of Wood Wood that's making us feel very okay with never wearing color again. We’re impressed by what we’re seeing coming out of Copenhagen right now, and it’s undoubtedly due to these fashion-favorite brands.

Go on to discover six of the Copenhagen brands to know who are redefining contemporary Danish style.