I Almost Bought This Wedding Dress, and I Don't Even Have a Boyfriend

The best new wedding dresses on the market


 Courtesy of Christian Oth

Am I one of those crazy girls who thinks about her wedding more than she thinks about her potential (and at this point, hypothetical) husband? Yes, I am. Ever since I was little, I started obsessing over wedding dresses, imagining the most picturesque venues, and dreaming of how much fun it will be to have all the people I love under one roof for the evening. But what trumps all those aspirations is by far the dress. As a fashion editor, I am exposed to a lot of gowns, both bridal and couture, that infiltrate my opinions of what I want in a wedding dress, however, I have yet to see one I absolutely love or even a designer who embodies my goal aesthetic. That is, until I met Danielle Frankel.

I'll never forget the day I got to preview her first collection. My jaw must have been on the floor throughout the entire preview as I gawked over silhouettes, fabrics, and separates unthinkable for a bridal collection, and that's what I loved about it. While I have never really had one specific style I envisioned myself in, I have always known that my wedding dress will be forward, different, and something people will discuss outside the context of "her dress was really pretty."

Fast-forward to last week when I went to view Danielle's second collection and it was further confirmed that a Danielle Frankel dress is what I will be wearing on my wedding day. Having just officially launched on Net-a-Porter today, Danielle Frankel can now be bought with the click of a button, and for that, I am both excited and scared. Below, you can shop the pieces now available on Net-a-Porter, one of which I am seriously considering purchasing despite the fact I am nowhere near having a boyfriend. Cast your judgments if you must, but if you knew me, you'd know I'm the kind of person who would lock down her dress before her man. I'm sorry, but I will stop at nothing to walk down the aisle in a dress by this new designer and not even the lack of a significant other will keep me from buying one.

Do you see what I mean? These pieces are drop-dead gorgeous, and no one will judge you for splurging on a few just because. At least we know I won't.