9 Cute Sleeping Masks to Top Off Your Bedtime Look

When you're in need of some serious shut-eye—or simply want to make a fashion statement from the comfort of your bed—there's no better accessory than a sleeping mask. There's a reason the chic bedtime staple pops up time and time again in popular culture, most famously on the coiffed half-up 'do of Holly Golightly in Breakfast at Tiffany's. For Audrey Hepburns in the making, the market is brimming with cute sleeping masks that rival the chicness of her eyelashed original. So whether you prefer frills, monograms, quirky animals, whimsical patterns, or something understated and classic, there's a sleeping mask out there for you. Add one of the following to your cart to show off your impeccable style the next time you catch some z's. You won't want to hit snooze on these.

Head below for nine cute sleeping masks to gift yourself or a loved one with this season.

Add some color to your bedtime look with this playful, patterned sleeping mask.

Shut out the light with this minimal mask adorned with tiny crescent moons.

Make a statement with this eccentric sleeping mask that boasts a bold, eye-catching design complete with crustaceans.

For something more traditional, this silk, frilly number comes embroidered with your initial.

Those looking for something outside the box will enjoy this adorable bat design.

Another animal option is this zebra-adorned sleeping mask that also comes monogrammed.

A pared-back pattern never goes out of style.

Florals are lovely no matter the season—especially this embroidered silk number in bright blue accented by burnt orange.

Last but not least, a super-cute cashmere sleeping mask—in bright playful colors—is a welcome addition to any bedtime routine.

Complete the look with cozy pajamas you'll want to live in this winter.

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