Is Custom Denim Really Worth the Investment?

Like most women, I’ve always struggled to find the perfect-fitting pair of jeans. The reality is that most of the jeans being sold out there—regardless of their price point—just don’t accommodate the wide variety of bodies looking to wear them. As a 5’5” lady with a small waist and thighs but a pretty serious, ahem, behind, searching for new denim has left me empty-handed and frustrated many times. Usually they’re just way too long, or they fit perfectly on my legs but are too tight around my butt and too loose around my waist. While the specific complaints may differ, I know that many of my friends endure similar dilemmas.

So, when one of my total denim-junkie guy friends recently started singing the praises of custom jeans, I was intrigued, but it also seemed like quite an investment of time and money. Would it be worth it to spend that extra time at appointments finessing the jeans, and then spending the extra money (anywhere from $500 to $700) to do so? I wasn’t convinced, but I decided to head to the experts at 3x1 and give it a shot.

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