The Cozy Sweater Outfits You'll Wear Nonstop for the Next 6 Months

If you're getting a little sad that summer is coming to a close, just think about all the wonderful things the new season will bring, especially in terms of fashion, food, must-do activities, and the holidays, to name a few. One thing we're super-duper excited about? The transition from lightweight, airy summer clothes into cozy, cuddly fall attire—specifically sweaters. Because really, what's more comfortable than a soft, fluffy knit in all of its wonderful fits: oversize, cropped, fitted, etc.? Sweater weather is fast approaching, so it's time to fully embrace it.

In honor of the new season and the changing ensembles that come with it, we turned to Instagram to find some of the best cozy sweater outfits that are currently inspiring our autumn uniform prep. We dare you to not get excited about the cooler temperatures when scrolling through this roundup. Ready to see our finds? Then read on to see the best sweater-weather looks and shop the snuggly knits we'll be living in for the next six months.

Meet your new favorite fall uniform—a cozy sweater and velvet pants.

A cozy sweater and cool cords? Another go-to outfit combo for fall that oozes '70s vibes.

Next up, see all the cutest pink sweater outfits we're also eyeing for fall.

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