Here's How to Do Athleisure Without Looking Sloppy (Promise)

When the temperatures lower, the stakes get higher in the wardrobe department. Let us explain: Sure, it’s plenty easy to dust off your rotation of cool coats, cozy knit sweaters, and heavy-duty boots once winter officially clocks in. But if you pay close attention, the options start to feel a bit stale, your layers start feeling sloppy, and you notice the energy you put into outfits of previous seasons (where well-mannered weather reigned supreme) may be starting to wane. But fret not! These are the times where you can really put your styling ingenuity to the test and bang out awesome results.

Our search for seasonal outfit inspiration often takes us to unexpected places, and it occurred to us that we had an amazing and up-and-coming resource at our disposal—Grace Rosson, an aspiring stylist who recently had the opportunity to apprentice under fashion editor Zanna Roberts Rassi as part of the #SORELStyle mentorship program. “The idea is to create looks that mix high/low elements so you feel like you could literally throw on the outfit and be set for whatever the day throws at you,” explains Rosson. She continues, “By using contrasting pieces, these looks are visually interesting and express your style.”

Today she’s showing us how to flip the script on two winter outfits that elevate athleisure and street-chic trends by incorporating interesting shapes and elevated pieces.


Metallic Skirt + Rain Boots + Sweater

A guaranteed way to energize a winter look? Color. It’s easy to regress into the thinking that cold days equal cool and moody dark hues, but not the case here. Start with a metallic skirt reserved for a party and pair it with your tried-and-true zip-up hoodie in the same color family. Top off with a neutral beanie for a just-rolled-out-of-bed vibe that offsets the drama of the skirt. 

One way to ensure you don’t go overboard is with your underlayers; here, Rosson chose cool heeled SOREL rain boots and a chic turtleneck sweater. She adds, “Don’t be afraid of color. Minimalism is in the past. Use prints, vibrant colors, and embellishments to add variety.”

Wedge Boots + Tweed Trousers + Trench Coat

An unconventional pairing, yes, but the tailored silhouette of tweed trousers paired with lace-up wedge boots triggers an interesting play on proportions. The athletic zip-up jacket and the black trench coat give the cozy-but-cool look an ease that makes it perfect for wearing straight into the weekend. 

Boots and trenches have been friends forever. But one way to update the classic pairing is to add an element of surprise. Billowy tweed trousers could instantly overpower the outfit; the key is to find a fashionable yet wearable pair of boots that enhances the length of the pants. 

Styled by Grace Rosson

Which winter outfit would you try? Tell us in the comments below. 

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