How Influencers From Some of the Coldest Places on Earth Stay Stylish in Winter

It's nearly impossible to look stylish when you're contending with blizzards, endless rain and arctic winds. We might all think it gets pretty bleak in the UK; however, our winters are mild compared to the conditions in Norway, Canada and Denmark. Some of the most stylish women we know live in these snow-covered countries, so we had to ask how they stay warm without forgetting about fashion altogether.

The one thing all of these women told me is that underwear and base layers are the most important thing to get right, so always start your layering with Uniqlo Heattech as a foundation. But there are also some less obvious layering techniques I wouldn't have thought about, like using a thin coloured roll-neck to add extra detail to your look. Keep scrolling to see how influencers from some of the coldest places on earth stay stylish in winter.

Nnenna Echem, Oslo


(Image credit: Nnenna Echem)

"I live in a country where the winter gets really cold, and I do find it harder to look stylish, but I always wear wool underwear, which really helps keep me warm," says influencer Nnenna Echem. "My favourite is from the Norwegian brand Kari Traa. You can easily wear wool underwear under your jeans or a sweater, and it really helps." Her fail-safe outfit in winter? "A blazer, wool turtleneck, jeans, boots (preferably the Gucci Fashtreck GG High-Top Boots), and a wool coat."

Jeanette Madsen, Copenhagen


(Image credit: Jeanette Madsen)

"I layer up with oversized knits, cardigans and statement coats or jackets," says Jeanette Madsen. "I use cashmere or wool underwear and socks. Luckily, hiking boots have become a thing—they´re cool and fit with everything, even a maxi dress. I think it's all about the contrast. If the hiking boots are a bit too outdoorsy, I'd recommend a pair of trainers as they are so much warmer than a pair of leather boots."

As for layering, Jeanette advises you focus on your silhouette: "Go wide on your upper body but keep the rest slim. I love a tonal look—it gives a beautiful, well thought through and casual vibe and is an easy way to layer if you're not up for a colour-blocking or a mix of print. Let your cashmere socks peep over the top of your hiking boots and over your skinny jeans or tracksuit trousers."

Rebecca Ramsdale, Toronto


(Image credit: Rebecca Ramsdale)

"I wear more layers than I'd like to admit come winter time and love playing around with different colours, textures and silhouettes," explains Rebecca Ramsdale. "Start with a warm base layer. I pretty much wear a full suit of Uniqlo Heattech products (socks, leggings, long sleeves, etc.) under my outfits every day. It makes the world of a difference warmth wise, and then you can have a lot more fun with what you put on top. Don't be afraid to mix and layer pieces that might be unexpected. My most-worn combo last winter were tees over hoodies."

My go-to cold winter outfit is one that's super bundled up but not full-throttle Michelin Man. I start with my Heattech base (of course), then a slightly oversized pair of jeans, an oversized button-down shirt with hoodie layered over top, a long wool coat, massive patterned scarf (for a look not far off of something Lenny Kravitz might wear), a toque, a pair of leather boots and a massive tote so I have somewhere to keep my layers when I head indoors!"

Sylvie Mus, Helsikini


(Image credit: @sylviemus)

Sylvie Mus, the fashion stylist based in Helsinki, says, "My tip for staying warm and still looking stylish is to invest in some good materials like cashmere and really warm wool pieces. Most of the look is hidden under a coat so it's good to have a few great ones that go with many different colours.

"When it comes to layering, I like to start with a thin turtleneck. It's the perfect base because you can layer anything over it—from slip dresses to blazers. One of my favourite things to do is to wear a colourful turtleneck under a neutral knit so you can only see the neck of the turtleneck from underneath. It's such a cool detail. Also, wearing a ribbed or printed turtleneck under a V-neck knit looks really good!"

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Emma Spedding