5 Items I Never Feel Confident In


Collage Vintage

If I don't feel good, I'm pretty sure I don't look as good as I know I could. Whenever I wear that one skirt that's a little too tight, those shoes that make me walk funny, or that dress I'm always fidgeting with, the last thing I exude is confidence. Surely, you too have those few key items in your closet that make you feel weirdly off or uncomfortable, and today, I'm here to share mine.

I realize this list of items varies for everyone, but hopefully, you'll be able to relate to a few of the pieces I've learned to avoid in my closet. In addition to all the negative talk, I'll let you in on some of the pieces that give me the most confidence. Go on to find out which items I never feel confident in, plus the pieces I always want to wear.