Now THIS Is How to Watch CW's Latest Hit, "Dynasty"

We’ll admit it: We’re guilty of spending hours re-creating the looks spotted on our favorite It girls. While we may not have access to the same luxurious contents of their wardrobes, a girl can certainly dream. The closets we’re currently envying? The ones that contain all of the fabulous clothes worn by the chic characters on The CW’s new show Dynasty, which premieres October 11 at 9/8c. This new series follows the shamelessly extravagant saga of the elite Carrington family and centers around Fallon, whose wardrobe is almost as over-the-top as her vicious drama.

In honor of the upcoming series, we were inspired to seek out an IRL wardrobe that could compete with Fallon’s. First stop: über-chic fashion blogger Annabelle Fleur of Viva Luxury. While Fleur’s personal life may not be quite as scandalous as the members of the Carrington clan, her wardrobe genuinely threatens to out-luxe those of the characters on the show. Ready to drool over her fabulous closet? Step inside, and be warned: You might want to buy everything.

Haven’t had enough fashion daydreaming? Tune in to The CW on October 11 at 9/8c to see the first episode of the vicious, delicious, and ambitious new show, Dynasty.