5 Classic Trends You Can Expect to See Again This Spring

Not all trends have an expiration date. Those that hang around long enough find themselves admitted to the rare hall of trends that have evolved into classics and staples. As excited as we are about the many fun new spring trends to come, we don't mind a little consistency. Especially if it's something that's already hanging in our closets. 

Unlike cutout-waist jeans or fringed ponchos (although, never say never), these classic spring trends have popped up with regularity over the last few years. We feel it's a pretty safe bet to assume they'll still be making the rounds this upcoming season. That's good news for us since we've already splurged on them in the past. From polka dots to your favorite white tennies, get ready to re-wear these five classic spring trends ahead. 

Floral Midi Dresses

The floral midi dress is the epitome of the casual day dress. Women have been wearing versions of it since the early 1900s once ankles became acceptable to display in public. The trend has gone through a variety of overhauls, but it's the multicolored, miniature flower prints that have won over the last few spring seasons. So dust off last year's dresses since they'll be just as relevant in the upcoming months.

Head-to-Toe Pastels

Like florals, pastels during spring are almost a given. But there's been a recent uptick in entire ensembles modeled after Easter-like color schemes. The entire look doesn't necessarily have to appear monochromatic like this showgoer's outfit above, but head-to-toe pastels have become an easy go-to combo when you're in the mood to play with color.

White Sneakers

It's hard to remember a time when white sneakers weren't a spring street style staple. The idea that heels used to be a rule of thumb seems almost unfathomable. Whether we have the Adidas Stan Smith craze to thank or the many street style stars who normalized sneakers with dresses, we're betting the comfortable shoe trend will still be here to stay.

Playful Trench Coats

The beige trench coat will live on forever, but it's the more modern update to the coat that we're keeping an eye on. The last few years have put the sleek silhouette back on the must-buy map with its many leather, print, and cutout iterations. 

Polka Dots

It's a good thing this trend is hanging around since we still can't get enough of it. From the frames of your sunglasses to the fabric covering your open-toed sandals, expect polka dots to be just as prevalent this spring as they have been in the past.

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