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The first time I remember coming into contact with Clarins Double Serum ($130) was when I was about 12 years old. My mom took me to the mall to restock her collection, and I guess you could say the rest is history. I'd never seen someone so committed to a single product, applying it like clockwork every single day and always having a fresh bottle on hand. It wasn't until my early 20s that I fully understood Double Serum's status in the beauty industry (and the horror of running out of your favorite product).

Double Serum is Clarins' best-selling anti-aging serum, and its cult following runs deep because of its unique formula. It's basically two power-packed serums in one and is formulated with 21 potent plant extracts—including age-defying turmeric—to visibly firm, smooth, and boost radiance in as little as a week. So it was only a matter of time (more than 35 years!) before Clarins launched its second product in the Double Serum family, and it was definitely worth the wait.

Inspired by the success of Double Serum, new Double Serum Eye ($80) is also doubly potent with a two-in-one formula that has a total of 13 age-defying plant extracts. Similar to Double Serum, the delivery system has two chambers: one that holds water-soluble ingredients and one with oil-soluble ingredients, and they combine when dispensed, mimicking the skin's water and oil composition.

Long story short, both products have unique formulas that are worthy of everyone's attention. Once you try them, there's no going back, and as always, I've got the proof. I asked three of my skincare-obsessed co-workers who have never tried either product to put both to the test and share their initial thoughts. Did the formulas live up to the hype? Are their skincare routines changed forever? Keep scrolling to find out.


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"I work in beauty, so I obviously know about the Double Serum franchise—each product is like a turbo-charged anti-aging blast to your skin. What gets me so excited about Double Serum and Double Serum Eye comes down to the technology. Double Serum has a dual chamber that gives your skin the perfect ratio of water-soluble and oil-soluble ingredients, which mimics your skin barrier for optimal results. Double Serum Eye has the same technology, and it targets puffiness, wrinkles, and dark circles. I love how you can customize the dose depending on your skin's needs. Also, the application process truly feels like a moment of self-care. Warming the product up between your hands and pressing it into your skin helps me be more intentional with my beauty products. I've only been using these products for a week, and my skin is visibly brighter, plumper, and bouncier."


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"I speak to aestheticians all day as part of my job, so I was already pretty well versed in Clarins' method of application. I used gentle pressing motions and lymphatic draining techniques to work the products into my skin, making sure not to rub too hard or tug. I loved how quickly I saw visible results. I stopped using prescription-strength retinol a few months ago to let my sensitive skin breathe, but a few expression lines on my forehead came back with a vengeance once I stopped using it. Even though I've only been using Double Serum for a week, I started to see a lot of visible improvements in those lines and the smile lines around my mouth. Double Serum Eye was equally impressive. I applied it onto the eyelids and around my under-eye area and noticed how much smoother and hydrated it all looked. It also helped my under-eye area appear more luminous since I tend to get dark circles. I'm a big believer in the power of plants and how they can be an ally to us if we're looking to keep our skin youthful, and I think the results I've already seen in my skin speak to the potency of these products. My skin is visibly brighter, smoother, and plumper than before. I'm excited to see what kind of long-term results both can deliver."


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"Honestly, I wasn't familiar with Double Serum or Double Serum Eye, but I've heard a lot about Clarins. My mom has been a Clarins user for years, and at 60, she has great skin, so I was definitely intrigued. What really drew me in were the ingredients, especially the turmeric. Double Serum gives me that dewy, plump look that I'm always after (duh). And Double Serum Eye is a 10 out of 10 when it comes to brightening. The hydration that these products give is unbelievable. I can't get over how dewy and plump my skin looks, even after a week! I'm always skeptical about eye creams (Do they really work?), but I was pleasantly surprised to see that this one made a visible difference. I felt like I looked a lot less puffy and more awake after using it, even during a crazy week of traveling, which is almost unheard of for me."

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