CEOs Just Agreed on How to Fix the Fashion Industry's Huge Problem


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The fashion industry can't seem to agree on much. Whether it's a trivial question (is the "ugly" look a passing trend?) or a hard-hitting inquiry (what does body diversity look like in media?), the industry is divided on a slew of different subjects. For a while, the same could be said about the topic of sustainability—until now.

Today, the Global Fashion Agenda, a Copenhagen-based non-profit, announced its new effort to unite executives on exactly how to prioritize sustainability. Dubbed The CEO Agenda 2018, the initiative was developed with the top brass from Kering, H&M, and Target, among other companies. Per the agenda, the immediate priorities include "supply chain traceability, efficient use of water, energy and chemical, and respectful and secure work environments" as well as four other goals that are more long-term-oriented.

The Global Fashion Agenda's own CEO, Eva Kruse, explained the importance of The CEO Agenda in a press release: "It's the first time in history that key players from the industry have joined forces to discuss—and agree on—what to prioritize to improve the industry's environmental and social footprint," she said. "It takes a coordinated effort to move the needle on sustainability, which is why this agenda for a common industry focus holds the potential to be a major breakthrough."

To learn more about the agenda, we tapped one of the key participants: Amanda Nusz, Target's VP and General Merchandise Manager. When we asked Nusz what sustainability means to her, she offered a succinct summary: "To me, sustainability is about protecting the environment and the resources we have while working every day to make a positive impact on the people around the world who work to bring differentiated products to our guests," she told Who What Wear.

Nusz also explained how she personally helps to further the cause at Target. "As the head of responsible sourcing, I help Target determine where and how we source our products and how we can drive for positive change within the industry," she told us. "This could mean looking for ways to reduce our water usage, removing unwanted chemicals from Target’s products, or something as simple as equipping some of the workers in our supply chain with their first pair of eyeglasses."

Intrigued? We thought so. Head over to The CEO Agenda's website to learn more about all the specific details.

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