Céline Dion: If You Dress Like This, You're Getting Old

Céline Dion is a music icon, and in a round of "This or That" with Vogue, the Canadian singer, who wore the chicest retro Gucci outfit for the short video, was incredibly candid about everything from tattoos, fashion, and Justin Bieber versus Justin Trudeau. When asked if she would choose comfort over fashion, Dion was quick to reply. "I don't care about comfort," she said. "The day you start thinking of comfort, you're getting old." However, she inadvertently chose comfort over a Balenciaga dress when she said she prefers that famous Vetements Titanic hoodie. "The Titanic [hoodie] is just special," she says with a smile. We totally agree with her on that one! You have to see the video for yourself and see how she answered the rest of the questions.

Check out Dion's "This or That" video below, and keep scrolling to shop the singer's favorite Vetements hoodie.



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Opening Image: Raymond Hall/Getty Images

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