Your Affordable Jewelry Obsession Is Now on Net-a-Porter

Some jewelry requires a major commitment—be it regarding your relationship or your budget. However, the beauty of the latest collection to land on Net-a-Porter is that it doesn’t require either, and yet we know we’ll treasure these gems for a long time to come. Catbird, the Brooklyn-based boutique whose minimalistic jewels have become fashion girls’ favorite for years, has teamed with the e-commerce site for a line of truly special, delicate, and affordable earrings, bracelets, and more.

The collection, which officially launches October 12, is a mix of Catbird’s signature pieces as well as new exclusives. “We were so excited to have this opportunity to reach our growing international customer base with such an esteemed partner,” says Rony Vardi, founder and co-creative director of the Williamsburg’s stand-alone, who works alongside co-creative director, Leigh Batnick Plessner. But in addition to this exciting partnership and new designs, the most exciting bit about this news is that the jewelry starts at under $30. In order words, there's no reason not to stack or stock up on these dainty pieces. 

See the entire Catbird x Net-a-Porter collection below.

Can’t wait until tomorrow’s release? Check out even more delicate jewels for your collection in the meantime.