8 Words of Career Advice That'll Change Your Life


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At Who What Wear, we not only strive to give our valued readers the best fashion and style guidance we can muster but also fancy ourselves career women (and men!) who want to empower you to pursue your dream career. This task is made much easier by all the incredibly powerful fashion icons whose careers we admire and hope to emulate.

One such woman is 87-year-old model China Machado, who Vogue recently profiled on account of her prolific career and the life lessons she learned as she built it. Machado got her start in Europe, where she was iconic fashion photographer Richard Avedon's collaborator and muse. Now she has an entire exhibit in New York dedicated to her and her work, called A Muse Among Friends.

She spoke to Vogue about her storied career, which now spans more than 60 years, and dished out a piece of career advice we can only refer to as mind-blowing. Brace yourself: This tip is so simple, so succinct, and so powerful that you might just feel a little sheepish for never thinking of it yourself. (We know we did.)

"Listen, if you don't like your job, quit! I know this is insane," Machado tells Vogue. "But you're not going to be good at it if you don't like it." Touché.

Have you ever stayed at a job you hated? Tell us why in the comments below!

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