Why Instagram Has Been So Important for Australia and New Zealand’s Designers

If you work in the fashion industry, Business of Fashion is your addiction. Prior to checking Instagram or my emails, BoF is my first port of call to see what’s happened overnight in the fashion industry. If there’s anything #breaking, BoF is all over it. Other than covering breaking industry news, BoF opens up the discussion for authentic, and informative conversation about fashion—everything from young designers and industry icons, to disruptive technologies and new-world impacts on the industry.

Yesterday, BoF had all eyes on Australia (and the iconic Sydney Opera House) for the latest in a series of events leading up to VOICES (a new global industry gathering to be held in the UK in December in partnership with QIC Global Real Estate). Industry leaders from around the world (including Australian designers Nicky and Simone Zimmermann and New Zealand’s most-loved designer Karen Walker) gathered to discuss the future of retail and how to build a global fashion brand, away from the world’s major fashion capitals.

In a topical discussion, Instagram and social media were touched upon by the panel. Keep scrolling to discover why Instagram has been so important for the growth of Zimmermann and Karen Walker.



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“We don’t use it [Instagram] directly as a selling tool, but it is. It’s a great, beautiful way of instantly expressing what your brand is about, and it’s not geographically selected.”—Simone Zimmermann

Karen Walker


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“One huge bit of luck that we’ve had with our brand, is it’s no coincidence that social media, Instagram especially, blew up at the same time as Karen Walker eyewear. Because when you’re doing a selfie, it’s easier [to show a face] than showing the full outfit. And when you have frames that are a really recognisable shape—that’s very Instagrammable.”—Karen Walker

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Opening image: Nicole Warne by Collage Vintage

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