15 Business-Casual Outfits That Are Summer Heat–Friendly

Nothing says business quite like a good old blazer. Whether it be paired with trousers or a skirt, when you have a blazer on (or even wear it thrown over your shoulders like a street style star), you can rest assured that power moves will be made during the day. However, wearing blazers in summer requires a bit more finesse to stand up against the heat and the unwanted sweat.

Before you discard all those business-casual outfits you've dreamed up, we're here to tell you that alongside blazers, there are other garments that not only are summer heat–friendly but also check off all the business-casual attire boxes. From oversize button-front dresses to matching sets to tailored vests, the ahead outfits feature all the key pieces your next work ensemble needs, as well as how to put them together.

See what we're talking about with the 15 outfits below that give casual outfits a business edge and vice versa.

Skirt suits are here to save the day. 

Blazer says business. Straw hat says beach. 

Finish off your pant suit look with a pair of sandals. 

Or style your checkered blazer with distressed shorts. Don't forget your PVC bag filled with fruit too. 

It's time to give your leggings a second chance. 

Dress down your pencil skirt by styling it with a pair of white kicks. 

Oversize button-downs are ideal for extra breathability.

Summer layering always looks chic and professional when it comes to a classic trench. 

Try a different type of suit. 

Checkered matching sets are office-friendly. 

Bring back the vests. 

A white tee doesn't get more business casual than this. 

Bike shorts, but make it business by throwing on an oversize, checkered jacket.

Style your on-trend polka-dot skirt with a button-down shirt in coordinating colors.

Or make tie-dye a thing by wearing a psychedelic shirt to your next office meeting. 

Now continue with your regular money moves.

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