7 Brands That Will Repair Your Purchase for Free


The Style Stalker

When you first splurge on a new bag or pair of shoes, you’re bound to treat your shiny purchase with the utmost care and respect, but once you’ve worn it out a bit, it’s easy to let your best judgment slip. Unfortunately, this can result in a little more wear and tear than you’d like. And what’s more is that some of your purchases may end up requiring repair through no fault of your own. This would be a time when knowing the brands with the best warranty would be a smart move.

Well, lucky for us, a few brands are kind enough to offer free repairs. Although there are often timeframes involved (usually one to two years post-purchase), it’s still a very generous service and one you’ll definitely want to keep in mind next time you’re shopping for a splurge item! That way, if you run into trouble, you’ll know you’re covered.

Scroll down to discover seven luxury brands that will repair your purchase free of charge.