I'm Obsessed With Bodycare—18 Lotions, Oils, and Serums I'll Use This Winter

Best Body Care Products



For the longest time, I was only concerned with caring for the skin on my face. I would hoard vitamin C serums, moisturizers, and face masks, while completely ignoring the skin from my neck down. With time, though, I've realized my mistake—mostly because I noticed signs of sun damage on my arms and legs and pesky fine lines on my neck and chest.

That was a few years ago. These days, I've mended my ways, and I've created a dedicated bodycare routine. Actually, I'm kind of obsessed with it. I have a complete collection of lotions, oils, and serums that I use year-round, but especially in the winter when my skin tends to get dry, tight, and flaky. (I don't care if my skin is covered by thick sweaters, jackets, or jeans—I won't settle for anything less than smooth, happy, and hydrated skin.) So without further ado, keep scrolling to see my 18 favorite bodycare products to use all winter long.

Body Lotions

Best Body Lotions



To put it simply, I love this body lotion. It's moisturizing, fragrance-free, and non-greasy. In other words, it's the perfect no-frills body lotion for winter and beyond. I always keep my bathroom cabinet stocked with at least one of these, and when I'm running out, I reorder it ASAP. 

This body butter is almost $100. That might sound wild, especially when you can pick up a body lotion for under $10 at the drugstore, but here's the thing: It's by far the most moisturizing body product I've ever used. I apply it at night, after showering, and my skin basically soaks it up. Come morning, my skin is soft and smooth, and it has a healthy-looking glow. 

I make a particular point to use this body butter after shaving my legs. Since it's so moisturizing, I find it soothes my skin and calms any post-shave bumps or irritation that seem to pop up in the winter. 

Just keep in mind that this is a body butter, meaning it's thicker and slightly greasier than a standard body lotion. If that's not your thing, and you prefer lightweight formulas, you might want to skip this for something else. I, however, love it.

If you prefer a more lightweight formula, I recommend this body lotion from the famous French pharmacy brand, Bioderma. It's smooth and silky and gives my skin a slight cooling effect that makes my irritated, redness-prone skin very happy. 

It glides over my skin easily and sinks in almost immediately. The no-residue formula makes it a product I reach for when I want to show my body a little love but I'm short on time. 

I was introduced to this body lotion by Who What Wear's Beauty Director, Erin Jahns. She walked past me after applying it, and immediately cornered her to ask her about the warm, comforting scent I was smelling. I figured she was wearing a new perfume I hadn't heard of, so imagine my surprise when I found out it was this body lotion. 

Normally, I'm a fragrance-free person, which means I avoid flowery body lotions like the plague. This one is different. It has a woody santal scent that's intoxicating (but not overbearing). Sometimes, I apply this body lotion in the morning instead of perfume. It's that good. 

Another French pharmacy staple, this lotion from La Roche Posay replenishes essential lipids in the skin. Translation? It boosts the skin's moisture barrier, keeping hydration locked in to prevent dryness, flakiness, and that uncomfortable tight feeling that can happen in the winter.

I'm obsessed with vitamin C. Not only does it help brighten the skin, but it also fights free radicals and boosts collagen production to keep lines and wrinkles at bay.

I have a million face products with vitamin C, but it can be hard to find a body product with the ingredient, which is why I clutch onto this body lotion. It contains a stable form of vitamin C, so I don't worry about it degrading or becoming ineffective over time. It also contains shea butter, hyaluronic acid, and squalane, so it's just as moisturizing as it is anti-aging. 

Body Oils

Best Body Oils



Even though this body oil launched a while ago, I only recently tried it. I had high expectations, seeing as I love the brand's body lotion so much, and I wasn't disappointed. True to form, this oil is simple in the best way. It's silky and moisturizing and I consider it another no-frills option for winter bodycare. 

Just like the aforementioned body butter, this body oil is one of the best I've used. Yes, it's expensive, but it makes my skin feel smooth and firm. Plus, it has a natural orange tint that gives my dull winter skin a healthy-looking glow. 

No surprise here—if a bodycare product contains vitamin C, you know I'll use it. This body oil is packed with antioxidants and vitamin C esters to fight free radical damage, improve the look of sun damage, and provide anti-aging benefits. 

This budget-friendly product is a dry oil, meaning it absorbs into the skin almost immediately and doesn't leave a slick residue on the surface of the skin. I especially appreciate the spray applicator, which makes it easy to apply in hard-to-reach areas like on the back. It's quick and easy to use, and I need that on nights when I'm feeling tired and lazy and moisturizing my entire body seems like too much effort. 

This small bottle contains a combination of moisturizing oils like sunflower, sesame, grape, and meadowfoam seed oils. It also has an energizing and uplifting effect thanks to a grapefruit and cassis scent. I love using it in the winter, which is when my skin tends to look dull and I tend to feel more tired and sluggish than usual. 

Body Serums

Body serums are a great way to treat your skin to active ingredients that otherwise stay regulated to the skin on your face. This one from IS Clinical contains hyaluronic acid, vitamin B5, protein-repairing enzymes, and microalgae extract. Together, these ingredients help hydrate, protect, and repair the skin. Just spray it on your skin whenever you feel like it needs a boost.

I know what you're thinking: "Nécessaire again?" Yes, but hear me out. This body serum was designed to be used in tandem with the brand's body lotion for extra hydration. I just mix a pump of this in my hand with a dollop of the lotion, rub my hands together to combine, then apply it all over. I use it whenever my skin feels tight and dehydrated (even slightly itchy from the cold, dry air). It always does the trick. 

It contains niacinamide and ceramides, so I know it's treating my skin with some much-needed barrier-strengthening ingredients too. 

Yep, I'm including yet another Mutha product. This luxe body serum is formulated with ingredients meant to tighten and firm the skin. I'm talking about ingredients like caffeine, niacinamide, ceramides, and a bevy of fruit extracts and oils. You can apply it alone or layer the brand's body butter or oil on top for extra moisture. 

This body serum offers all the benefits of other niacinamide-based products. AKA it targets discoloration, calms redness, minimizes the appearance of large pores, and prevents fine lines and wrinkles. I consider it a perfecting product for my body. 

If you struggle with uneven skin tone or texture, this one goes out to you. With a blend of exfoliating acids (AHAs and BHAs), it helps resurface the skin, smooth away bumps, and brighten discoloration. 

The same goes for this body serum, which has a pretty devoted base of customers behind it. With encapsulated retinol, urea, and AHAs, it soothes irritation while smoothing uneven texture from dryness, flakiness, and bumps. Personally, I like its lightweight texture that's somewhere between a liquid and a cream. 

This body serum contains a blend of AHAs and BHA, ceramides, and hemp-derived CBD. Together, these ingredients exfoliate the skin, strengthen the skin's moisture barrier, and soothe irritation—all things my skin desperately needs in winter.