7 Fashion Mistakes Bloggers NEVER Make

We have to hand it to them: Fashion bloggers have clearly cornered the market on everyday outfit creativity. They post what seems like an endless stream of daily outfits (sometimes more than one a day), and they somehow manage to change it up enough that their dedicated followers stay inspired and don't get bored.

We admire the work they do and thought a great way to get into the inner workings of how they do it is to figure out what it is they don't ever do—the fashion mistakes they avoid at all costs. We reached out to a few of our favorite ladies and asked them to dish on the mistakes they never ever make. 

Keep scrolling for seven fashion mistakes bloggers never make, and to see and shop their favorite looks now!



"When it comes to experimenting with fashion, hindsight is always 20/20, and something that has seemed totally rad and trendsetting at the time has ended up looking like a major faux pas in retrospect," blogger Nicolette Mason tells us. "As long as I'm having fun with fashion in the moment, I say anything goes!"



"I would never go to the grocery store, gas station, or anywhere looking a mess," Shea Marie of Peace Love Shea tells us. "You just never know who you are going to see!"



"The number one fashion faux pas that bloggers never make is having un-manicured toes," Jenny Bernheim of Margo and Me tells us. "Especially during the summer months, if your feet aren’t presentable, please don’t present them!"



"I would never overdo on jewelry when wearing a jumpsuit," Elaine Daneshrad of Fashion Laine says. "The jumpsuit itself is already running the show, and too much jewelry will make you go from classy to tacky real quick."



"I would never wear the same color shoes and bag to match my clothing," Tanesha Awasthi of Girl With Curves advises. "Wearing neutral tone accessories that complement the look (or a bold-tone shoe or bag to offset neutral clothing) is much more interesting, chic, and modern."



"Never wear shoes that look cheap," Taye Hansberry of Stuff She Likes says. "It doesn't matter how expensive or affordable the shoes actually are; if they don't fit your foot, prevent you from walking normally and with confidence, are too high, or just plain poorly made, don't buy or wear them! Ever!"



"I would never wear pants that drop too low in the crotch area," Grasie Mercedes of Style Me Grasie says. "I love a great trouser, but any pair of pants that make me look like I pooped myself are no bueno! Gross but true."

Meghan Blalock
Managing Editor

Hailing from the heart of the South and cutting her teeth on the mean streets of New York, Meghan has six years of experience covering fashion, style, celebrities, culture, and human behavior. A longtime devotee of rap music, tacos, and generally perfect weather, she is excited to put down roots in Los Angeles. Her top three style staples are a good pair of cutoff shorts, virtually any kind of colorful digi-print, and a solid set of shades.