This New Summer Trend Just Might Be My Favorite

The tiny sunglasses trend is not for everyone. There's been a lot of controversy stirred up thanks to this microscopic accessory, and frankly, I am ready for the trend to die. Just when I thought there was not a human left on the earth who didn't own a pair of mini sunglasses, I started taking note of a few influencers who were sporting the '70s-inspired square sunglass trend (see above!) instead. A sigh of relief is an understated way to describe my mood upon discovery.

Ahead I've shopped out the sunglass trend of summer 2018 that I love way more than the futuristic sliver frames people think actually block out the sun. Maybe I love this sunglass trend so much because it reminds me of my grandma and the shades she used to wear or maybe I'm selfishly stoked because I personally look horrible in the It sunglasses of the season, but either way, this new summer trend is here and ready for your cute little face to try it.