I Swear by These Yoga Pants (and I Practice Every Single Day)



I've been an active yoga practitioner for more than five years now—I first discovered the practice when I was living in New York and a friend of mine casually invited me to join her for a Sunday afternoon class. I had only been to one yoga class before that, at my college recreation center, and absolutely hated it. But so many people in NYC were obsessed with this activity that I felt like I had missed the point, and I wanted to give it another go.

That single class was a life-changing experience for me. I never turned back; a few months later, I enrolled in introductory teacher training, which I completed after 200 hours spent learning the physical postures, philosophical tenets, and spiritual possibilities of yoga. I've taught off and on since then, learning all the while, and I'm still a dedicated practitioner. Since relocating to Los Angeles, I've picked up a hot practice at Modo Yoga, and I try my best to make it to class every day.

People practice yoga for a number of different reasons, and I strongly believe that all those reasons are valid. Anytime a person walks into a yoga room for the first time, I consider that a positive choice regardless of motivation; and with yoga becoming an increasingly popular activity and exercise choice with each passing year, we've also seen a boom in brands catering to the so-called yoga girl. Yoga pants are a full-blown garment genre of their own, and among us yoginis, there is a rather frequent conversation regarding just which ones are the best out there.

For a long time, when yoga was not yet a trendy activity found in most small towns in America, Lululemon cornered this market. But in the years since, new lines have popped up offering alternatives to Lulu's monopoly, with innovative fabrics, new silhouettes, and variant price points. After more than five years of a dedicated practice, I've tried most of them—and I've found one brand I turn to more than the others.

Lanston is an L.A.-based activewear brand I learned about through my professional exploits as a fashion editor and writer. My first pair were the Mesh Combo Leggings in Grey ($143), which are still available, though in more limited quantities. I still wear them, and I find them to be comfortable, flexible without being restrictive, and resistant enough to keep my jiggly parts stable. Even more notable: Without fail, every single time I wear these leggings, I get complimented on them. No other pair of yoga pants in my arsenal draws so much positive attention.

The brand offers a ton of legging options, with different lengths, inseams, prints, and fabrics—and they're all just cool and different from what other lines are doing without being too loud for the sake of being loud.

Shop my favorite leggings below and more of Lanston's offerings on its site!

What do you always wear for your workout routine? Tell us in the comments below and then shop more of our go-to yoga pieces now!

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