My Biggest Wedding Regret Is That I Didn't Wear This Accessory

I don’t regret much about my wedding except maybe drinking that extra shot of tequila and not wearing a statement hair accessory. At the time I shunned any accessories, bar a veil, as I thought that would be chicer. But after seeing big and bold hair pieces from luxury designers such as Gucci’s barrette and Chanel’s hair grip, I've been thinking I should have been more adventurous and gone for an eye-catching accessory. Something like the fabulous bejewelled clip that Freddie Harrel wore for her gorgeous nuptials.

As it's been a few years since I got married, it made me wonder what are the best wedding hair accessories for brides right now. I spoke to our resident expert, Who What Wear UK's deputy editor on beauty, Mica Ricketts, who not only has extensive knowledge on this matter, she also got married herself last year so know what brides are currently looking for.


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Me on my wedding day, wearing a more traditional veil.

As well as telling me about trends, she gave great tips on where to shop for accessories and some solid advice all brides should stick to when choosing their hair piece. "Pretty much everyone is going wild for hair clips, headbands and hair scarves right now," says Mica, "and I think we’ll be seeing all three trends transitioning into the bridal beauty sector too. Pearl detailing will continue to be huge, and scarves will be incorporated with intricate braids to add a soft pop of colour to a wedding day look."

When Mica got married last year, she opted for a gold floral hair comb tucked into the back of her hair, which she recommends if you want to add a "vintage feel to a simple hairstyle." However, she says if she were to get married this year she'd be tempted to go with a "pretty pearl hair clip like Liv Purvis recently wore," as it's very 2019 but still classic. 


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Freddie Harrel on her wedding day wearing a statement hair piece.

If you're worried about price, you don't have to spend a fortune on clips or headbands as places such as Accessorize and even Claire's are great to shop for inexpensive options, recommends Mica. 

Her final piece of advice is don't go for an accessory just because it’s on trend right now—unless you genuinely love it. "You won't want to look back at your wedding photos in a few years and feel that your look has already dated."

With all this in mind, I've created an edit of small to larger wedding hair accessories that should suit every budget and taste. From huge flower headpieces to dainty barely there hair grips, I've no doubt there will be something for everyone. 




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