The 2018 Wedding Dress Instagrams That Stopped Us in Our Tracks


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It's easy to forget that there was once a time without Instagram, which means that there was once a time without wedding photos on Instagram. Luckily those days are gone for good, and we can all delight in the fact that there's plenty of IG wedding dress inspo at the ready. And 2018 was a banner year in that department: Tons of celebrities, influencers, fashion insiders, and cool girls got hitched this year, all promptly taking to Instagram to post their best photo(s).

As someone who got married this year myself, I've been particularly attuned to all things wedding-related when I scroll through Instagram, and I came across countless wedding dress 'grams that were so beautiful they stopped me dead in my tracks. And since there's a good chance you're bored at home right about now, what better time to reflect back on the wedding gowns worn by some of the coolest newlywed girls on Instagram. Keep scrolling to check out the best wedding dress Instagrams of 2018, and prepare to have your breath taken away.

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