The 10 Swimsuits I Always Get Compliments On

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You probably have that one swimsuit that not only makes you feel incredibly confident but that also gets a ton of praise whenever you wear it, right? That kind of affirmation, the kind that comes from within and from others, is a dream come true, especially while sporting a swimsuit. Since shopping online for a bathing suit can feel like you're searching for a needle in a haystack, I am here to fill you in on the 10 swimsuits I am not only obsessed with but that also get me the most compliments out of any swimsuits I've ever worn before.

To preface, I know that owning 10 new swimsuits is a little obnoxious, but clearly, I have a shopping problem, so bear with me. I also don't discriminate against bathing suit styles, which you will see here as my favorite suits range from one-pieces to high-rise briefs to tiny bikinis. As someone who grew up by the beach, went to college basically on the beach, and loves soaking up the sun as often as possible, I feel like my word on good swimsuits can be trusted. Basically, this summer isn't my first time at the rodeo, but a number of positive reactions the suits ahead have generated makes me feel like I've never worn the right styles until now.

Go on to shop the 10 swimsuits I always get compliments on, in addition to a few more I currently have on my wish list.

Marysia Palm Springs Scalloped Bikini Top ($150) and Palm Springs Scalloped Bikini Briefs ($150)

The combination of the scalloping to the cut of the top and the flattering shape of the brief makes this bikini one I'll never retire.

I bought this suit in black last year but love it so much, I am contemplating getting another color as well. The low-cut back and fresh pattern make for one of the easiest suits to wear (and to Instagram).

Skye & Staghorn Tie Up Balconette ($125) and High Waisted Tie Up Pant ($120)

My co-worker and I discovered this brand one evening and quickly became obsessed. While this suit happens to be my personal favorite, I am currently contemplating purchasing one of the one-pieces as well.

As one-pieces have been making a triumphant comeback this season, there are now so many different styles to choose from, but this ruffle hem and rust color really won my heart. 

This suit is sporty, unique (because it's velvet, in case you couldn't tell), and so fun since it's hot pink. Trust me—you'll never want to take it off.

Another high-rise set to add to my obnoxious swim collection, but this is definitely one of my favorites. The lace-up sides are sultry and forward, but the best part is the hidden lace-up section of the bandeau top. 

This suit might feel overplayed to some, but never to me. With the combination of the festive colors, the unique crochet detailing, and the photogenic qualities, it's no secret why people always have a comment or two about this fun suit.

Similar: Urban Outfitters One-Piece Swimsuit ($79)

I wore this suit while in Mexico recently, and it felt like I was wearing the most comfortable bikini ever, plus it doubled as a fun one-shoulder crop top when I slipped my shorts on over it.

Lonely Daphne Bikini Oxblood ($83) and Daphne Brief Oxblood ($79)

Okay, oxblood is definitely my new favorite color, and I owe it all to this retro suit.

Anine Bing Rose Bikini Top ($89) and Rose Bikini Bottom ($89)

The ballerina in me loves the delicate ruffle trim and soft ballet-pink color of this feminine bikini. People always comment on how "pretty" this one is.

Shop more swimsuits that are currently on my wish list:

COS Puckered Bikini Top ($35) and Puckered Bikini Bottoms ($25)

The stretchy fabric and adjustable straps are guaranteed to keep this suit on you even amid jostling ocean waves.

Araks Myriam Bikini Top Confection ($175) and Enil Bikini Bottom Confection ($105)

Oh yeah, and this one comes in eleven different colors.

Bamba Vino Top ($79) and Vixen Bottoms ($69)

This micro swimsuit is perfect for lying out in the sun.

The scalloped detail on the shoulder strap gives this suit a little something extra.

Add some elegance to your beach look with an all-white suit.