The 15 Best Sustainable Gifts to Give This Holiday


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This time of year can be so joyful and exciting, but it can also be pretty wasteful, too. Sorry to be a downer here (and I'm also guilty of it, too), but think about the sheer number of boxes, gift wrap, and more that gets thrown away. The reality is, yes, we will probably rack up a lot more waste this season, we can also make a conscious decision to be as sustainable as we can.

For gift wrap, what about using Kraft paper, old newspapers (comics, not the scary, real-world news), and cloth ribbons instead of plastic bows? Try something new with gifting this year, and give experiential gifts to your family and friends. Take your mom out to see a play, or your best friend to their favorite restaurant.

And if you want to give physical gifts this year, think about some sustainable, environmentally friendly goods. Luckily, there are so many great options out there these days that it's easy to shop. Take a look at some of our favorites below. 


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