For Under $40, You Can Smell Like You Just Took the Most Expensive Trip to Rio

Currently, I feel as far away as possible from a vacation. It's cold outside, and I've been spending most days inside my apartment. The seasonal slump that comes with the colder weather is real.

One thing that's always guaranteed to pull me out of the winter blues is spritzing on a good fragrance to enhance my mood. I'm a big believer in using fragrance as a form of self-care, so I like to wear perfume every day, regardless of the circumstance.

Lately, I've been dreaming of taking a trip to Rio de Janeiro. Though a physical trip might not be in the cards for me right now, I can travel there in my imagination by misting myself with Sol de Janeiro perfumes. These vacation-inspired sprays are the next best thing to going on a real vacation—they're tropical, warm, and sweet.

Consider these fragrances your ticket to a sun-kissed escape, regardless of the weather wherever you are. The best part? Most of these sprays clock in at less than $40, so even if you'll only be wearing them on a Zoom call, you won't need to feel guilt. (Plus, they wear like expensive perfumes.)

Best Sol de Janeiro Perfumes


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If your vacation vibe is: poolside

Sol de Janeiro Perfumes: Brazilian Crush Cheirosa '39



Key notes: coconut cream, orchid, toasted praline

If you were to bottle a poolside piña colada, you would end up with this fragrance mist. Young green coconuts add brightness. The bottle is also the perfect shade of turquoise, which will help you bring swimming pool vibes with you wherever you go. 

Customer Review: "I usually NEVER go for sweet scents and especially coconut scents, but THIS is AMAZING. This is heavenly sweet and just a hint of coconut cream. The coconut isn’t overpowering and doesn’t smell artificial unlike other ones I’ve disliked. i can’t stop smelling it! I can’t wait to wear it out!"

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Key notes: bergamot, coconut, ambrox

If your vacation vibe is: eating your way through the city

Sol de Janeiro Brazilian Crush Cheirosa '71



Key notes: caramelized vanilla, toasted macadamia nut, tonka bean

Complement your dinner dates with this irresistibly mouthwatering fragrance that smells like a decadent dessert. Caramelized vanilla, macadamia, and tonka bean come together to create a gourmand fragrance that smells good enough to eat. 

Customer Review: "My daily scent, I absolutely love it! The scent lasts all day when I spray it right after moisturizing my body and I get compliments all day long. I’ve repurchased multiple times already!"

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Key notes: dark rum, honey, vanilla bean

If your vacation vibe is: beach bum

Sol de Janeiro Brazilian Crush Cheirosa '62



Key notes: pistachio, salted caramel

There's no better scent to wear to the beach (or to transport yourself to the beach) than this layerable mist that encapsulates a sunny beach in Rio. Once you mist it on, you'll immediately think of crashing waves and salty skin.

Customer Review: "Love this so much! It smells amazing and the scent lasts all day. I get so many compliments."

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Key notes: petitgrain, coconut, bergamot, solar musk, banana, pineapple, pool water, swimsuit lycra, sea salt

If your vacation vibe is: dressing up to go out



Key notes: pistachio, salted caramel, vanilla

Consider this fragrance the body mist's sophisticated older sister. This eau de parfum takes the alluring blend of pistachio and salted caramel and refines it to a perfume that's a bit more dressed up while still encapsulating summer. The disco ball bottle design will also look playful on any vanity.

Customer Review: "I absolutely love this perfume I like to pair it with the '62 mist and get compliments all day long about how good I smell. Definitely a scent added to my collection."

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Key notes: berry, jasmine, vanilla, amber, caramel

If your vacation vibe is: rest and relaxation

Sol de Janeiro Brazilian Crush Cheirosa '40


Key notes: black amber plum, vanilla woods, jasmine

This fragrance is cozy but still seductive. It's warm and balanced and guaranteed to get you tons of compliments. This is the perfect scent to wear if you want to smell amazing but don't want it to seem like you put a ton of effort in. 

Customer Review: "Smells so amazing I can’t even describe. My sister had this and I just knew I had to get it."

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Key notes: pear, rose, vanilla, caramel, amber

If your vacation vibe is: taking in the sights

Sol de Janeiro Rio Radiance Perfume Mist



Key notes: Solar tuberose, Leite de Coco, creamy vanilla

Stoke your adventurous spirit with this surprising, thrilling scent. It's unique, summery, and sweet. If you've ever wanted to smell like a global pop star, I'd imagine this is a scent they'd spritz everywhere. 

Customer Review: "I just bought the big version of this, I had the little one but it smells AMAZING 10/10 would definitely buy again. I will always love this it smells delicious and it makes me smell delicious.

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Key notes: pink pepper, ylang jasmine, sandalwood

Test-drive Sol de Janeiro's scents with a set:

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