The "Ugly" Dress Trend That's Everywhere on Instagram Already

Over the last 12 months, the stereotypical image of the fashion girl has been turned on its head. Forget leg-sculpting stilettos and waist-whittling frocks because right now the Insta crowd only has eyes for "ugly" fashion trends. From chunky sneakers and nerdy knits to slime green and Hawaiian shirts, ironically, it looks like bad taste has become the gold standard for style in 2019.

If you need further evidence of this shift, look at the latest dress trend to grace Instagram feeds: smock dresses. Originally worn by laborers, the smock style went on to become a popular style for children's fashion in the 19th century. It can be identified by its voluminous silhouette that hangs loosely on the body and the ruched fabric, which typically features on the shoulders and bust.

Best smock dresses: Isabel Mundigo-Moore


Isabel Mundigo-Moore

Yes, it does vaguely resemble a granny's nightgown, but in true Instagram style, it has been transformed into a must-have item. Luckily, there is a broad spectrum of styles—from full-on florals by M.92 to a slightly less challenging horse-print mini by Ganni.

We're not going to pretend it's an easy trend to style because many of us have become accustomed to not wearing items with such volume. I would recommend heeled, knee-high boots during winter (this will stop your legs from looking short), and barely there sandals come summertime with a colorful bag and statement earrings (think pearls or chunky gold hoops).

Ultimately, however, you have to own the tent-like proportions if you're going to wear a smock this season. Hey, if the petite Olsens can do it (they've been wearing oversize clothes forever), you can too.

Best smock dresses: Maria Bernad in smock dress



Style Notes: María Bernad goes all-out with her mid-length floral smock dress, which she pairs with a color-coordinating green bag and nude heels. 

Best smock dresses: Suzanna Gembege in smock dress


Getty Images

Style Notes: We can totally imagine ourselves wearing this checked iteration. Suzanna Gembege sets the tone nicely with oversize earrings and Western-style boots.

Style Notes: These girls offer a lighter interpretation on the trend with floaty pink tulle and princess sleeves.

Style Notes: We love how this fashion blogger has accessorized her dress with pearl pieces and '60s-style white ankle boots.

Best smock dresses: Nuria Val wearing Ganni dress



Style Notes: Ganni's Weston horse-print dress was everywhere in 2018. The shorter length is perfect for those who want to dip their toe in the trend. 

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