Top Hairstylists Say These Are the Only 13 Sephora Products Worth Buying

Sephora haircare aisles can be daunting (though beautiful) places. After all, the popular beauty retailer carries hundreds of products from dozens of brands. How does a poor, innocent consumer know what to buy? We editors certainly have our haircare favorites (for example, check out Harper's Bazaar senior editor Chrissy Rutherford's hair routine here), but we were curious as to what the experts had to say.

To find out how celebrity hairstylists might navigate Sephora's chockablock hair section, we hit up five of industry vets, whose handiwork has graced the manes of chic celebs like Cindy Crawford, Nicole Kidman, Bella Hadid, and more. Keep scrolling to check out the 13 products celebrity hairstylists would really buy from Sephora.